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Steam pressure at 1.75 is very high, especially if you're still learning to create microfoam. I'm not sure you'll ever need it to be that high, in fact, and certainly if you steam small quantities. I think 1.5 is plenty high and you'd probably benefit from taking it down to 1.3 until you've learned to control it there.

I do like the Slayer tip. I could probably go back to the stock tip and be just fine but $25 was a small cost for me and worth it. I can't say whether it will be worth the cost for you because we each see value through a different lens.


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I've cut a piece of mesh drawer liner and put it on top of the cup tray to prevent from picking up scratches there. No issues so far with ventilation. ... B01LD77UHO

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Hi all,

I'm thinking of plumbing in my LM, and I'm curious of one thing. Anyone that has done this maybe can confirm: if pre-brewing is enabled in the app, let's say with 1s on, 3s off, during those 3 seconds that the pump is off the water will still come out of the shower head at line pressure?