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I also bought my LMLM with help from Mark at CC.
Mark was very polite and helpful answering all my questions. The machine is absolutely fantastic out of the box but in my warped mind "stock" is synonymous with "average". This machine is NOT average! I modify everything I own so it is a pathology. Over time I have done a these modifications:
1. Walnut wood accents on my SS model - gorgeous IMHO
2. IMS shower screen and retina 6 hole diffuser screw - looks like more even water distribution (based on videos I took so no hard data)
3. Drip tray mod for Acaia scale - easier to see shots with mirror
4. Rick Bond "the coffee machinist" needle valve/paddle modification for more controlled preinfusion and additional ruby gicleur before brew boiler - this mod requires time and some prerequisite skills but is very doable
5. Wiring modification so barista lights are always on and blue LED on front turns on when pulling shots - very easy mod using one new cord

Flow rate now down from 14gm/s to 7gm/s at WOT.
Have not attached a scace yet but pulling shots with about 10 sec preinfusion at low pressure then when I see the bottomless portafilter start to bloom I advance to full pressure which I have set at 8 bar then drop back to low pressure when the shot starts to blonde out or lose tiger stripes. Total shot time is longer now ~40+sec for 28gm out for a final BR ~ 1.5.

Overall shots appear to have much more to nearly all crema compared to previous pulls with same beans and grind. Taste, per my family, is better being smoother and having more flavor. Today we tasted walnuts, caramel, and green apples as described on the bag. Previously I think we were struggling to find the sweet spot in the grind to highlight these "intrinsic" flavors while trying to avoid an undesirable & overshadowing amount of acidity or bitterness.

Hopefully I have reached the bottom of this rabbit hole!!
My best