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limonengelb wrote:Did the machine ship directly to you, or did the store you purchased it from receive it? I would have expected them to do their own QAQC prior to sending it to you. Interested to hear if you get things resolved. I too have one on order.
The machine was shipped to the store first and they delivered it to me. However, I I don't place any blame on the store as it came to me as how they would have received it (on a wooden pallet, in an unopened box) and they would have needed to break the seal and check.


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Mine is built in Dec 2019 and has arrived with the same marks on the top tray, have you tried to clean them? If you insist a bit they come off. :shock:

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#1053: Post by circky » replying to mr.lumpy »

I must admit, when I initially attempted to clean it I only used water and cloth. I eventually took it out and was able to remove it all with acetone and some elbow grease. To give an update, the store, idrinkcoffee, was incredibly helpful and shipped me replacement parts the very next day. I just opened them and the logo is definitely straight vs my original for the drip tray. Interestingly enough, while the new top tray didn't have any markings, it had a different QC issue, where one corner of it did not have a crease that dips down. Pictures attached.


#1054: Post by raidensix »

Finally got my Linea Mini. Really liking the machine so far and coming from a Profitec Pro 500, the steam power on the Linea Mini is a beast. I'll need some time to adjust to it.

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Hi, All,

After almost 3 good years with another machine, I'm stepping up to the Linea Mini. I'm excited about the more consistent brew temps and fast steaming. It should be here next week. I'll report back once I've gotten it set up and made some shots!


#1056: Post by trunks235 »

I remember being told that the la Marzocco app has a shot timer. Can someone tell me where to find it? I can't seem to locate where it'd be..


#1057: Post by Logga »

If you go to the Status screen you will find it works there

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Don Task

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trunks235 wrote:I remember being told that the la Marzocco app has a shot timer. Can someone tell me where to find it? I can't seem to locate where it'd be..
My previous machine also had an app with shot timer.. it worked okay but it bugged me having to use my phone as well as fire up the app every time I wanted to pull a shot. Even worse it was only "close" as I had to time starting the app with pulling the shot. Personally...if I had a Linea Mini I'd look into adding one of these. Its and easy installation - no modifications needed to install! Although I'm anal so I'd also paint it to match the case.

If interested, you can read more about it in this HB forum thread... (also available on Amazon

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#1059: Post by tglodjo »

Yep. Much better option IMO. At least for my workflow and preferences. That one is simply to install and use. I installed the Ace DotShot and love it. Some folks don't mind using their phones, but personally, I don't want to add opening an app and tapping my phone to my espresso workflow.


#1060: Post by Nimitzg »

After connecting the machine to the waterline I have noticed the brew preasure was over 9 bars (10.5 with coffee,11 with blind filter).

1.Did anyone experienced such thing?
2.when closing the cover (there is a good youtube series created by Clive coffee) I noticed a 1mm gap (on one side only) between the cover and the front frame.
Any idea how to align that ?