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#1011: Post by Nimitzg »

Just got my new LMLM.
I am in love with "her" consistency. Solid as a rock.


#1012: Post by Nimitzg »

Some remarks after a few cups:
I am getting some strange odour from the brew.
The first shots where great buf after the machine was in stand by mode for 10 hours and than back to work...I got this strange smell from the brew...any ideas?
After thouse 2 morning shots a tasted the water and they tasted fine.
Brew another double espresso and the smell was there but...less.
Any ideas?

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#1013: Post by Nimitzg »

Ok got it...its the cup tray where the smell came...and got to the cups.
Few days...and it will probably go away :lol:


#1014: Post by Miringanes »

I'm on the fence about a LMLM. By on the fence I really mean It's a matter of when, not if. I have an Appartamento and a Sette 270 thats been serving me just fine but I'm really getting bored of the appartamento. I've determined something like a gs3 is more than I really want at home especially since I'm still renting (I'd probably consider it once I buy). Right now I would love the extra temp stability and build quality of the LMLM.

Has anyone with a LMLM made a similar upgrade and do you have any thoughts?


#1015: Post by Nimitzg »

You need to consider costs.machine cost +maintenance.
If funds is not the issue GS3 AV or MP are better.
Still the quality of the LM is every where in the machine.
Major upgrade in all parameters for me.even easier to brew a very good shot comparing to my old machine (E61 HX)


#1016: Post by Miringanes »

At this point in my life I think the GS3 (would only go for MP) is too much. I've considered maintenance with the LMLM and since it seems like a tank, worst case scenario of a major cost failure after 5 years doesn't bother me. I'm pretty meticulous with routine preventative maintenance anyway.

What bothers me with my current Rocket is parts are very difficult to come by. I haven't needed anything yet after 3.5 years of ownership, but I'm afraid to pull the mushroom to check on things because it's a custom ceramic one and they're known for cracking when you try to take them out and it's a special order part.

I like the idea of having a pretty vast service and parts network supported directly by the manufacturer stateside. Also being in the NYC metro area, I'd have no shortage of techs if something happened that was beyond my skillset to diagnose/fix

As for the comment on being easier to pull a shot, one of my clients has LM linea PB's in their office pantries and i was shocked at how forgiving it was, especially since I just walked up to the SJ, guessed at dose, and let it rip on whatever the single shot was programmed with.


#1017: Post by Nimitzg »

A PB is not a Mini though.
You need to know what you are doing.
But...its not rocket seince.

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#1018: Post by Miringanes »

I know what I'm doing. And I know a PB is not a mini. I was responding to the forgiving nature of more commercial machines through the lens that it mostly comes down to the user.

My purpose for posting was to get insight from people who have upgraded from HX machines to LMLM


#1019: Post by Nimitzg »

Didnt mean to offend.
It's just that the PB has all this bells and whistles that after it is properly configured you just need to press a button.the mini is mostly manual.


#1020: Post by Miringanes »

Yeah totally understand. I'm fundamentally against volumetrics so it was purely anecdotal.

I guess I'm just looking for confirmation of what I already know, that the LMLM is a better machine than my Appartamento.