La Marzocco Linea Mini steam while machine is warming up

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haulin oats

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I've had my Linea Mini for about 7 months or so. Ever since I got it, when the machine is warming up, it would steam (seemingly out of the expansion valve) for about 5-10 seconds. Lately, the steam doesn't seem to stop. This morning it was steaming out of there for 30 mins. My cabinets above the machine were soaked with steam.

Is is the expansion valve that the steams comes out of when it's warming? Should I try tightening it up?



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I would assume it's the vacuum breaker you're hearing, until the steam flow becomes enough to close it... Or used to close it.

If it's only 7 months old, it probably just needs a bit of cleaning to get it moving and closing again.

haulin oats (original poster)

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That was it!

Thank you for the help.