La Marzocco Linea Mini steam wand upgrade?

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Anyone upgrade their Linea Mini steam wand with the pricey factory upgrade?

If so, curious what is involved with swapping them out, and how complicated a process for the less handy folks?



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subscribing as I was about to post a question - if I could somehow mod the dial knob to a toggle switch on the steam wand?

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Anybody changed their steam wand? Curious whats involved/ how easy to do?

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I know it's crazy expensive for some reason (like $700), but I am wondering if anyone here updated their steam wand to the new one.
Primarily curious 2 things:

- if it really doesn't get very hot to the touch (as advertised)? For my uses, this is the primary driving force.

- what is involved with swapping them out? Is it easy for the technically challenged to do on ones own?

Thanks in advance!

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My guess is you aren't getting responses because hardly anyone has done this upgrade. To be honest, when I first got my LMLM 2 years ago I considered this, but the machine was expensive enough (especially if you do wood upgrades as I did) already. I have had zero issues with the stock steam wand. Just make sure to grab it by the plastic handle and you're fine. From what I've read, it's difficult to design a no-burn wand that has the same steaming capabilities, because no-burn designs are typically insulated, which can effect the steam you get. Evidently the design used with the new Micra doesn't have this issue (or they have compensated with higher steam pressure?). I have no technical evidence to back this up. Perhaps others will chime in who know more. But I've been very happy with my stock steam wand, and the steam produced is extremely dry and fast.

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I was actually talking to LM about the retrofit of older LMLM and GS3's with the new steam wand.

The new LMLM, GS3, and Micra come with the wand. It is not a silicone tube in stainless but a double-walled, vacuum-sealed unit made by a company that manufactures fuel lines for NASA. It is quite literally rocket science. No, they do not get hot and the steam velocity/volume is that of a 'burn me' style wand.
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I asked a La Marzocco guy why there is a double walled steam wand on the Micra while charging 700 dollars !! for the Mini. He said the one for the Mini is much higher quality. No idea whether this is actually true.

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Thanks for replies! Per La Marzocco easy to install.
If I wind up getting one, will post up my experience