La Marzocco Linea Mini - New features

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#1: Post by sshire »

The Linea Mini arrived today.
It is "App Ready."
2 interesting things so far.

I dialed it in and pulled a shot. About 2 hours later I looked at the machine and the red light was off! Panic call to Chris at LM.
The new board has added standby. After 30 minutes of non-use, the machine goes into standby. Paddle on. Paddle off and it took 45 seconds to be ready for a shot.
This can be bypassed by cycling the power switch after pulling a shot.

The manual also has this


#2: Post by KyleDrinksCoffee »

Thanks for this! Cool update.

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#3: Post by nuketopia »

I'm guessing no, but wondering about a retrofit to existing LMLM machines!

sshire (original poster)

#4: Post by sshire (original poster) »

After calming down, my guess was way off on the time back to ready. More like 2 minutes. I just now flipped the lever to get it out of standby. By the time I'd ground and weighed the beans, leveled and tamped, turned on the Acaia Lunar and put the portafilter into the machine, it was ready to go, so not so much of a hardship.


#5: Post by alanmc »

To clarify what you're saying: After going into standby mode, the machine can be awakened by flipping the brew paddle to the on position and then back off? Is that correct?


#6: Post by raidensix »

What about the steam wand? Did it come with the no-burn wand?

sshire (original poster)

#7: Post by sshire (original poster) »

On the paddle awake, yes that is correct. It wakes it up.
No, it didn't come with the no burn wand.

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sshire (original poster)

#8: Post by sshire (original poster) »

Since I have nothing better to do...
Plugged the LMLM into the KillaWatt device.
Initial power on - 1641 watts
Ready light on - 1115 watts
Standby = 0.0-1.5 watts

sshire (original poster)

#9: Post by sshire (original poster) »

OK. Now I need an explanation.
Both lights were off. Kill A Watt read under 1.5.
Flipped the brew paddle on and off.
Ready light immediately came on solid.
Kill A Watt reads 1153. :?:


#10: Post by alanmc » replying to sshire »

Yeah a deeper explanation of this standby mode would be nice. Nothing in the manual?