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EricLuhrs wrote:No, it has the standard steam wand. Which, I might add, is a cannon compared to my old Expobar. The steam is much drier too. It will take me a while to adjust to steam on the right hand side since I have 12 years of muscle memory from steaming on the left. But the tool itself is light years ahead of what I had been using.
I suggest you watch this excellent tutorial on steaming milk, hosted by LM USA, using the LMLM. She's a great teacher. Although the adjustment from my previous machine was tricky at first, after a little practice the LMLM practically steams itself! And, the milk texture is cafe quality, better than anything I've been able to achieve at home before.


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charlesaf3 wrote:Please write a review of the paddle mod once you've done it, it's very intriguing

I'll be creating a post on this soon. Now that I've had several months with it! I'll just say now, we'll worth the $

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I was playing around with pre-brew times this morning and really couldn't saturate the entire puck very well. At 2 seconds on, the first 1/3 would be wet and at 3 seconds on, it was wet maybe about half way. When I got to the point where it was wet from top to bottom - and even then it was pretty uneven - I was above 4 seconds on pre-brew. Not having any experience with Slayer, GS3, etc... I don't know whether this is common in preinfusion methods. I would think that the benefit of pre-brewing is to saturate the whole puck before putting it under full pressure and question the value of it if I'm only wetting the top half of it.

Looking for any additional experience and knowledge on the subject to chime in with their insight, please.