La Marzocco Linea Mini - Issues with frothing oat "milk"

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#1: Post by BoulderMike »

My LM is a bit over two years old. I don't drink milk so I only froth Oat "Milk" from Chobani or Califia since Oatly seems impossible to get these days.
My issues are: (1) The steam wand used to move forward to touch the machine when I pushed it forward, and then it would stay in that position. Now when I push it towards the front of the machine it falls backwards and won't extend as far towards the front of the machine as it used to. This just means the wand doesn't sit in the "milk" right and I have to hold it in place which causes some issues with frothing stability. (2) My steam seems to be much more airy than it used to be. So my froth isn't as thick as it used to be but in the end introduces a lot of bubbles in the froth.
Are these issues, in your opinion, user error, or is there something on my machine that needs maintenance? Thanks!