La Marzocco Linea Mini - flow too fast

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I've a linea mini the past year.

But I've noticed over the past few months the flow rate is so much faster.

The espresso comes out so quick and haven't changed anything really.

I'm using same niche grinder.

Change shower screen recently no real change.

Is it pressure I need to adjust?

Any advice and I'd be very grateful?

Thanks guys.


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Any help guys?


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Measure water coming from the grouphead via scale.There is an estimate of how much water should come out in 10 seconds or 30seconds I am not sure but I already read it somewhere in the forum or la marzocco group in facebook. Never heard of water out coming faster but I experienced the opposite on my PB. I just cleaned the gicleur using sharp wire and everything was back to normal.

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Zoooook wrote:Any help guys?
Have you tried grinding finer?


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Second this. Burrs tend to open up so your setting e.g. 1 for espresso wont always be 1 even its the same kind of coffee. Like on my ek, I recalibrate the burrs to 0(chirping sound) every month or so.

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Agree that this essentially has to be grind being too coarse. Too high pressure will compress a puck and slow it down too, so it shouldn't be anything to do with the machine.


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Is your coffee fresh


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If your beans are more than three or four weeks old, your grind size may differ from what you usually use. Try using some fresh beans with a finer grind and see if you can choke the machine. Then you can back off from there to dial in.

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With my grinder I get some buildup between burrs with time, and it starts grinding coarser. A cleaning takes care of it for me.


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If you changed the shower screen, especially from stock to something like the IMS, you're possibly getting a higher flow rate. Also, as others have mentioned, grind is not "set it and forget it" and you'll have to continuously dial in as your beans age, humidity changes, etc. Could also be that you're using a different batch of beans that is slightly different than your previous batch. Too many variables to say for certain what the culprit is. Just dial in your grind and get back on track.