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khaledsha wrote:image
Hallo there,
Finally i achieved the Jake Valve mod with some editing to original lamarzocco pipes and connections.
My next step is to add a flow meter and pressure sensor than connect them to an arduino, which is connected with a little Oled screen ( I bought some parts but I don't know where to begin :D )
Although I would like to add similar wheel like Jakes mod but smaller and connect it to the adjustment key of the rotary pump to control pressure from outside without opening the machine ( i don't know, if that works good to do pressure profiling too?)
I would be grateful for some help!
Awesome, glad to see another in the wild. Can you explain your setup with the connections in your photo?


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It seems to me that the max brew pressure reached with the 0.6mm is about 6 bars, to me it means that when you reduce the flow rate, the pressure automatically drops that's just physics.