La Marzocco Linea Mini Cup Tray Sound Deadening

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#1: Post by happycamper »

I wanted to see if anyone had success with adding some kind of sound deadener to the cup tray on the Linea Mini. I am not sure what (if anything) is considered best in regards to heatproof, aesthetics, and safe for the machine. Any thoughts?



#2: Post by blondica73 »

Good luck with that. Many people tried many things; however, nothing fixes the rattling like outboarding the pump. I did that last year and i'm never going back.


#3: Post by bzarycranski »

If Sorbothane tolerates heat long term, then pieces under the drip try in the corners probably would work. Just don't know if it's properties are change with heat, etc. probably info on line about this. Maybe others here have tried or know a better material.


#4: Post by nuketopia »

Cork sheet, bits trimmed and strategically placed. Cork actually holds up very well.


#5: Post by Bmccall »

I have used this on several cars, espresso machines and grinders with great success.

This would need to be installed on the underside of the heat tray panel though.


#6: Post by JRising »

Sugru in the corners . Felt feet around the perimeter.