La Marzocco Linea Mini app backflush situation

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I just thought I'd share an experience I had this morning with my LM.

Yesterday I did the backflush procedure using the app interface. When finished, I put the machine into standby, also with the app. Later on, my significant other noticed that the barista lights were still on and asked if it really was in standby. It turns out that I had left the brew paddle in the on position while placing the machine in standby.

I cycled the main power switch off then on, then used the app interface to select standby once again. It seemed that everything was right again, so I stopped thinking about it.

Today, we got back from early morning errands, so I awakened the machine by using the paddle switch. It warmed up as usual and I started making drinks. Steamed the milk normally and threw the paddle switch... click... nothing. I tried it a few more times with no pump happening.

I thought about it for a bit and wondered if the episode with the switch and barista lights had anything to do with it. I placed a blind portafilter and ran a cycle of backflush. I was careful to click OK and then place the brew paddle back to off. Success!

It seems like not completing the backflush procedure by leaving the brew paddle switch open caused the logic to remain in a never ending state of near-completion, even after cycling the machine power. I did not try unplugging for a period, however.
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FWIW, I was testing the auto-backflush yesterday on one of the Linea Micras provided to H-B for review, and noticed pretty much the same thing.
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Thank you for sharing that. I am due to back flush my LM and I will give it a try with the app.


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Please submit a feedback report to LM through the app so they can address it in a future firmware update.
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That's a good idea. I'll do it.
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Update to my situation

I believe I have a plausible theory about my brew switch issue. The problem occurred again yesterday and I have noticed a couple of things.

During backflush, I walked away and the flush cycle completed. The message came up on my iOS device, requiring acknowledging by pressing the button on the app. When I returned moments later, I pressed the app and sure enough, the brew paddle did nothing.

This time, it was much more difficult to restore the problem. I tried all of the things above and even selecting the reset to factory settings option in the app. I quickly browsed this forum to see if anyone else was experiencing this, but no luck. Some users had problems with blown electrical connections on the board. I went in and there were no visual problems on the board. Then I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I tried the brew paddle and it was working again. I made my drink that was so rudely interrupted right as I began the shot. It was an experience using the machine with the top covers off!

Later last night while driving, it hit me. I never mentioned that I have a dot shot timer installed. This unit is connected to the machine on the board. Even though its job is to just tell me how many seconds elapse between the on and off cycle of the brew switch, it is connected to the brew switch. So during backflush, it usually shows between 77 and 86 seconds or so. This is when I am Johnny on the spot with the paddle. However, I have noticed that whenever the timer reaches 99, it stops. This is probably what happened both times I left the backflush app open beyond the limit of the timer. Something is happening with the combination of the backflush app remaining open while the dot shot timer is hung up on 99.

Not sure if this is a bona fide problem or just an interesting idiosyncrasy.
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