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Check PF is not a snowflake. It does butane torch to the rescue. Check out that glue/thread locker on those threads!


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Sucks that you couldn't keep the original one intact...

Now show us the end result!


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This inspired me, I'm now using the stock PF handle with the Rocket head attached. Best of both worlds in terms of fit and angle.


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Just about all Portafilter handles are like that. Don't know the reason they are glued and tightened so extremely.


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Hey all - my Micra just arrived :D (5 weeks after order for white). I'm away on business trip :cry: so it's sitting in my garage.

I had planned on putting a coating of ceramic on the machine before we used it both for cleanup easier and also to protect the paint and chrome.

Anyone have advice to the contrary?


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How would you go about doing this? I have seen a few people do the same


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We have used nano bond 9h ceramic on lots of stuff ( at our home - outside on stainless steel wine fridge and furniture it helps keep corrosion down and looks great. It also makes paint shine. I just wanted to make sure there was no reason to avoid It on this machine - obviously it can go on car hoods that get hot but sometimes it's what you don't know that gets you.


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On page 98 @brianja mentioned ceramic coating his micra. Here's a link to the post: La Marzocco Linea Micra

Maybe he will chime in here with his experiences. I love ceramic coatings but I have only done it on vehicles and boat seats.


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I like Gyeon Mohs Evo as a general ceramic coating. It is long lasting and looks great. Application is easy as well.

I haven't had any problems with longevity on the Micra. These coatings are meant to tolerate heat.

If I was concerned about any part it would be the cup warming tray that gets extra hot. For that, if a ceramic for paint doesn't hold up then I'd use a ceramic for wheels as they are meant to stand up to higher temperatures.


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Has anyone any idea on descaling? I do my usual backflush every week or 2 but in the long run I guess there will be a scale build up. There's nothing in the manual about descaling and not much online for the micra.