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NewCoffeeGuy1 wrote:For me it's Goldilox - just right (also inb4 GET A BETTER GRINDER...I know, I know...debating the Lucca Atom 75, Malkonig E65S GBW, or waiting to see more info on the upcoming Eureka 75 Excellence)

I know there is also a new single dose Mazzer on the horizon to be paired with the Micra. I'm waiting to hear more about that.


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If I were a single doser I'd get an EG1 and call it a career. I'm an OD guy though, for better or worse.

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A new SJ V Pro to match the red Micra? :wink:



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Also tempting! This looks like a possible alternative to the Lucca Atom 75 at least in terms of price. I wonder if anyone has compared them. (Still tempted by the E65S GBW for the GBW...)

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I've always been tempted by the Mahlkönig, but that's a discussion that will 100% take the thread elsewhere :) I think 64mm platform is very versatile, I'd probably give up both of my Minis for one SJ V Pro and swap burrsets (it's dead easy with this particular grinder).


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I am a happy owner of a lmlm in white.
Received 2 months ago.
I use a commandante grinder and in 2 months I'll have a lagom P64.
I changed the baskets and I mainly use a 17-19g Pullman basket together with a Pullman big step tamper.
Temperature was set to 93C and I lowered it to 92C.
I didn't change the pressure of the group head but I set the wand pressure to 2 instead of 3 because steeming milk was so fast ! Too fast for a beginner like me.
All in all I am delighted but this machine.
Pros :
Makes great espressi. With the commandante coffees are like sirup, I am so happy with the results in cup
Amazing look in the kitchen. I receive a lot of compliments
Heats fast
Steam like a pro machine
Convenient app, I switch the machine on from my bed, the integrated timer is nice, setting the temperature, pre-brewing times, wand pressure is easy
Easy to clean, refill with water (I use only Volvic water, no plumb-in for me)
Cup tray is big enough for me
It will make great cappuccinos though I am a beginner and I only manage recently to create a nice foam that is not too thick. The steam is sooooo powerful !!

Cons :
Steaming wand is too small though with the delivered pitcher which is small it is not an issue
I don't like the plastic double spout system, it is a good idea on the paper but for me it doesn't work well, the flows are not even between right and left. Maybe I don't know how to use it properly

Don't hesitate to ask me questions


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hello david
where did you buy it?


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Can anyone recommend a scale that is similar in height to the Lunar which is suitable for the clearance of the Micra? Trying to avoid spending $250 on a scale


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I don't have the micra but used this on my mini and it's very similar to the lunar which I also have ... UTF8&psc=1

I can confirm later and put them side by side if helpful

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