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#561: Post by Pieter1 »

Hello, new user to the forum .. Bought my Linea Micra past friday and unfortunately my machine is experiencing the plastic smell as well. It's not as terrible as some users have described (not a burn smell but more like warm plastic) but it is quite noticable. Question to the users which experienced the same issue: did the smell eventually went away or was service by LM needed?

Thanks a lot!

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#562: Post by nsgymd replying to Pieter1 »

Mine resolved after two weeks of use.


#563: Post by DaveB replying to nsgymd »

Roughly how long would you say you had it on each day?
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#564: Post by nsgymd replying to DaveB »

1-2 hours


#565: Post by Pieter1 »

Thanks! Sounds like I have to be a little more patient. I've had it on friday for an couple of hours and saturday for around 11 hours. Did the smell got milder after a couple of days? Maybe i'm looking for too much confirmation on this. I just didn't expect such an odd behaviour from such an (relatively I guess) expensive machine from LM. Heard that their QC is really good, but this just surprises me.

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#566: Post by iploya »

We just got a new Bosch dishwasher. Also has a plastic smell. Been about 3 wash cycles. I'm sure it will resolve.

As much time as those folks on the grinder subforums spend seasoning their burrs, I would think cycling through water on a new machine would be routine for new espresso machine purchasers.


#567: Post by malling »

It's normal for new electronic appliances to have a modest smell either when on or in use, diswasher, oven, kettle is very normal. My fellow kettle also smelled for some time before it went away. Often these things are coated with some chemicals to prevent rust, other times these use a oil in the manufacturing process or it's insulation that smell when heated up. The chemical smells can take some cycles to get away, running cycles of water is standard procedure and is recommended by many manufacturers of different appliances even running them down with a damp microfibre cloth. Obviously chemicals isn't healthy so open your windows might be a good idea when in use until the worst evaporate. But obviously it should not be as bad that it smells hours after turned off or your whole house/apartment smell of it.


#568: Post by rmag »

DaveB wrote:Roughly how long would you say you had it on each day?
I've run mine for about 7 hours a day for 3 days and about 1-2 hours a day for a week. Still smells the same.


#569: Post by Pieter1 »

Sounds similar to my experience. I have let it run for around 8 hours a day but the smell is still as strong as last friday when I bought it. LM dealer told me that the smell should be much less after a couple of days of use. Hopefully that will change soon, the smell is not really pleasant.

Edit: almost forgot to mention .. on a positive note: It is a great machine which really amazes me in the quality of the shots. Luckily the espresso's taste a lot better than the machine smells :D


#570: Post by mctrials23 »

Is anyone else getting drips from the area where water runs into the drip tray from the machine when you stop a shot? Its happening when I take the drip tray out to fill the reservoir. There is usually a very small puddle if I have the drip tray out for 1 minute or so.