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NewCoffeeGuy1 wrote:Yes sorry I hadn't refreshed and noted the subsequent comments.

So sorry you're dealing with this. Also wondering if my red will have the same. Frustrating about the parts situation too. Grr.

My fear in leaving it on to see if it'd clear itself (which I agree is possible) is the worst case scenario, like it sparks and starts a fire.
Yea I'm not crazy about leaving it on. Not sure if it will melt something.


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Right and then LM USA says it's your fault lol. That said, IF they say sure, leave it on to see, then fine (I guess...) but yeah. Such a bummer.

Do you have something in the house to keep pulling shots from in the meantime?


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coffeenewb56 wrote:Hi friends! I received my white LM Linea Micra today. Overall it looks just like the Linea but scaled down. Setup was a breeze and the packaging was nice and minimal...


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Nice! Saw you on reddit too.

No burn smell?


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Mine has just arrived... and its the wrong colour. Ordered white and black has arrived. Box even says white on it. FFS.


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Man. Sounds like QC is asleep at the switch. My red one was 'accidentally' shipped to South Carolina, delaying it to me by a week +. Was supposed to be the 22nd. Now looking at 12/2.


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really having trouble deciding between the Mini or Micra. Was all in on the Mini before the end of the year and this just threw a wrench

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I think if you want to save some $ the micra is a no brainer. If I didn't have the mini and the micra was out and I was in the market I wouldn't know what I'm missing (not much probably) and would be happy with an LM in a small package that's more reasonably priced. If you have space and budget isn't at issue then sky's the limit


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That's funny. I'd be the opposite. I wouldn't trade my Mini for a Micra. Even with $$ added. In fact, if I were to go back and have the decision to by either, it would be the Mini or some other machine.

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Dfreshleish wrote:really having trouble deciding between the Mini or Micra. Was all in on the Mini before the end of the year and this just threw a wrench
Take a look at the for sale marketplace in this forum. There are 2 Mini machines at a great price ..if that is what you want