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rmag wrote:Seems like the smell is coming from this. Not sure what it is, but sort of looks like a fuse. image
Pretty sure that's the brew solenoid valve coil.

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Looks like the "Piero" group cap? None of the reviewers have mentioned this smell. Hopefully it goes away. If not, I'd contact LM. This is one of the very few concerns I have about the cost-cutting to produce this machine-the use of plastics, especially for the portafilter...although "polymer" sounds better :wink:

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Jaroslav wrote:I remember when I've received and turned on my Linea Mini for the first time, and the whole upper floor smelled like steel workshop for the initial few hours. The smell will go away eventually.

Mine had no such smell...just the smell of good coffee :D


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I've contacted LM. They responded quickly, though they indicated their policy is to repair rather than replace. And then they noted they don't yet have parts for repairs. Seems crazy for them to stick to their no replacement policy under these circumstances. I'd basically be penalized for being an early adopter at a time they hadn't set up a repair part supply chain.

Sounds like they may send a technician to assess if it's a quick fix.

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I'd leave it turned on for a day and see if it dissipates? It's possible you're just really sensitive to that scent.


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I doubt it's a sensitivity issue. Both my wife and I could strongly smell it in multiple rooms in our house.

Is it the kind of thing that could clear itself?

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I know this is frustrating for you! But based on my experiences, LM will get this sorted out for you IF it doesn't sort itself out! I think the suggestion to leave the machine on for a length of time is a good one.


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rmag wrote:Actually I think it's a relay. Which makes sense for why it could be the source of the smell
Makes sense as in "it's an explanation but everything is fine" or as in "now it's time to call LM USA?"


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Time to call LM.

Which I did. See above post.


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Yes sorry I hadn't refreshed and noted the subsequent comments.

So sorry you're dealing with this. Also wondering if my red will have the same. Frustrating about the parts situation too. Grr.

My fear in leaving it on to see if it'd clear itself (which I agree is possible) is the worst case scenario, like it sparks and starts a fire.