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rolex wrote:I am concerned about the fact people are saying the clearance is too short to fit both a scale and a cup under the portafilter. How could they screw that up?
They probably haven't. There were Luna 2021 scales under the cups at the open house events. Both china espresso cups and slightly taller paper espresso cups. It may get a bit close with a cappuccino cup depending on height and PF? Even on my Mini, if I want to use an Illy latte cup (which is quite tall) with a Luna and a spouted portafilter, I have to negotiate the spouts...

At the risk of being wrong by generalizing, my impression is that most of Europeans with an espresso machine make... plain espresso. So that won't be an issue.

The US us quite different, but one should also be able to pour into a shot glass or other container and pour into a cup when making milk drinks. As you shrink the machine, something has to give. If that's the ability to put a big cup on top of a scale, rather than quality, I think it's the right decision.
dparrish wrote:Having to struggle even with a shot glass is IMO not ideal. It adds an extra step and insures that your coffee won't be as hot once it makes it to an actual cup (versus using a preheated cup below the spout).
I'd think you would only do this when doing milk drinks, and then the milk temperature will probably make this a moot point.
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In fact I did my homework and I have been benchmarking for months. But I still didn't answer my question.
In the meantime I will use my C40 hand grinder.


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This video shows pretty well how much space to expect on the Micra both with the spouts and without.
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Resisted as long as I could...just ordered my LMLµ in black. Was really debating a Decent but the LM styling won out in the end.


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Should receive my white tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Ahmad H.

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rhtrevino wrote:Resisted as long as I could...just ordered my LMLµ in black. Was really debating a Decent but the LM styling won out in the end.
What is the logic behind your choice over the decent?

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Very much a style decision for me. I had a very early v1 Decent and was ready to jump back in but the Micra meets my aesthetic and simplicity requirements. Also it has a higher WAF. :D


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WAF was the same criteria for me :mrgreen:

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Does anyone know if the steam and hot water knobs are the same size as the mini?

I'm wondering if the options from Specht will fit.

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They look a bit smaller to me. I wouldn't be surprised if the actual valve fitting was the same size though. Specht Designs will be quite busy modding out these new Micras.
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