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lagoon wrote:Good find, thanks.

I wonder what the difference is?
The difference is the fitting making the connection to the machine (which should be 1/4" for the Micra), the rest is the same. At least that is the info from the official LM guy active in

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The fitting for the plumb in kit on my GS/3 is also 1/4" on the machine side.

I'd be surprised if the Mini were different...

What the Micra has is a 1/4" female fitting on the pump, whereas the GS/3 and Mini adapt to a 1/4" male fitting on the pump.



My guess is that Item 9 will be removed on the Micra and a 1/4" male to male adapter will replace it, allowing the same hose to be used as for the other machines.
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Any idea of which grinder would pair well with the micra ?
Lagom P64 ?


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Any grinder that will fit your workflow and gives taste in accordance to your roast preference. Or maybe more specific every titan to high-end grinder. Besides that there's absolutely no more that can be said when giving us absolutely nothing to work with. Please do some more homework as there are a thousand of threads about it as this machine is nothing different than any other good espresso machine in that regard.


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Well said, plus there are tons of threads here about grinders based on taste preference, price ranges, ease of puck prep.... One thing for sure: the Micra is a very capable machine, you are half way to have an amazing set-up.

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Ordered one in blue today. 4-6 weeks. Super pumped.

It's being paired with my major. Wonder if I should finally try a conical.


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How long is the lowest straight section of the steam wand?

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Zoobee wrote:It [the Mini] has both [physical wheel and app temp]. Whichever is most recently used is the set value. (The physical wheel isn't motorized.) The app will show the correct temp.
Given that the temp scale on the wheel is mostly unreadable unless you have plenty of room on the left of your machine (and even then, only the US wheels, and maybe not all of them I think, have a full scale rather than colder/hotter than 96 C), I think it would be great if the firmware (or a new version thereof) just took pot deltas as +/- clicks for the temperature... You could then set the temperature to an exact value in the app, but use the wheel to make small adjustments. And maybe they would also fix the need for a login to access temperature and other local functions...
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drH wrote:Interesting. In the comments section of Jaroslav's blog someone mentioned that Mazzer is working on a small, single dose version of the Z-series grinder. Perhaps it's worth waiting for.
I've never seen a ZM in the flesh but that looks like quite a grinder: 0.45 g retention and electronic setting of the grind coarseness. Very cool. If they keep the 83 mm flat burrs in the mini version that'd be great. But... no timeline, just comment on a blog

What happened to the Swift Mini? It looked to have the perfect shape to go with any home Linea, and the interesting tamping feature. I see it sold in Europe but not in the US (where they have a separate tamper...). Are we just only interested in single dosing in the US now?
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