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Just measured my LR and the distance between the bottom of the PF and the tray is very very similar to the micra. Its not great but its fine. I would have been annoyed if it was much less than the LR.

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Jshot wrote:I don't see the Mini being phased out. It's just more versatile than the Micra.

The headspace on the Mini is not particularly spacious, but with the drain tray scale mod (scale is flush with tray surface) and bottomless portafilter I can accommodate any milk drink. When I have guests, they can select anything from a cortado to a 12 oz latte. Easily froth 8 or more ounces of milk. I don't see how that can happen with the Micra since you lose a full inch in headspace and have to use a frothing wand that would struggle with a 17 oz pitcher.

Notice how reviewers like Spro are not using a scale on the tray. Spro always used one when he had the Mini. So he couldn't use the Micra as his daily driver like he did the Mini, but somehow the Micra is a Mini killer? Hmmm

Both Mini and Micra will have a place in the LM lineup, imo.
Can someone who has physically compared both the Mini and the Micra confirm that the headspace from portafilter to drip tray is appreciably less on the Micra? Sprometheus said 4.5" on Mini vs. 3" on the Micra, but it looks like LM have made the new Micra portafilter "thinner" with its plastic pop-out spout, perhaps as much as an inch thinner. If so, that would make the difference from spout bottom to the drip tray less than the stated 1.5". This is a critical spec for me (and others), as I use an Acaia scale on the drip tray for shots.

Another question I have: La Marzocco evidently has TWO different specs listed for the water reservoir: 2L in the "rolling visual" introduction to the machine's features, yet when you click on "Compare Espresso Machines" the listed reservoir capacity is 1.6L (vs. the Mini's 2L). Which is correct? LM needs to correct whichever spec is wrong.

I love my Mini (had for 2 years), but as we're getting ready for a kitchen remodel and we have a small kitchen, I would consider selling the Mini and replacing with a Micra if I'm not losing anything.

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OK31 wrote:The headspace even with a bottomless with an Acaia lunar is still small. We had to use a small shot glass to pull and then pour or use a split and for the regular 2 spout you had to angle even the small shot cups to get in so a latte cup though would fit wouldn't be a smooth slide, more like put cup, lift slide scale and then reverse backwards. With bottomless it would be a bit better but you almost wouldn't see the flow even with a mirror.

Not a deal breaker but if you're used to the space it would be annoying.
Looks like I missed a kind of answer to one of my questions...would still love to see a measurement difference between Micra/Mini for drip tray clearance. Having to struggle even with a shot glass is IMO not ideal. It adds an extra step and insures that your coffee won't be as hot once it makes it to an actual cup (versus using a preheated cup below the spout).


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NewCoffeeGuy1 wrote:Are the commonly used scales waterproof? Thinking about purges, drips, etc. if integrated into the drip tray (which I think is a cool thing otherwise).
The Lunar (which I own) is waterproof in that it will not be permanently damaged from water, but there's a sensor that will shut down the scale if it gets wet, and this may cause the scale to be inoperable for hours, maybe a day even, which happened to me once from just a spritzing shot. Also a bit of espresso seeping into the lip between the outer and inner case will make the scale sticky and inaccurate, so I find I'm frequently having to pick up and clean the scale of gunk, both top surface and underside. Based on this, I'm frankly skeptical of how useful these recessed drip trays could possibly be in actual practice. Before my mini arrived I was intrigued by the design and planned to add one later but after a year of daily use it no longer appeals to me.


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Thanks for this info. I think I'll slum it and just move the cup onto the scale after I pull it. I get that that's an after the fact data point that doesn't function the same way, but....


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Can anyone who has a Micra share photos of their setup with the Lunar with a shot and cappuccino cup with the bottomless porta filter? Thanks.


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NewCoffeeGuy1 wrote:Thanks for this info. I think I'll slum it and just move the cup onto the scale after I pull it. I get that that's an after the fact data point that doesn't function the same way, but....
I didn't mean to suggest you shouldn't use it during the shot. That works great. To me it's been essential, in fact, in assuring consistent, repeatable shots. And seems like it'll be no problem on the Micra too, at least with the naked portafilter.


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I just checked the order status from my account on the LM website and the status changed to complete! Tracker says it will arrive on 11/29. I never got an email, so check the website.

I ordered a black one on 11/14 in the US.


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Do these use the same plumb kit as the Mini?


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The listing for the mini plumb kit says it's not compatible with the micra: ... mb-in-kit/