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espressoren wrote:What's the issue people are having with the screw?
At least in my case, the screw was denting my standard style puck screen, even when under-dosing, because of the solenoid valve pulling the puck up after extraction. The sworks screens don't seem to fall victim to this and prevents the sucking of the puck up into the group head.

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Normcore makes a puck screen with a hole in the middle. Check on Amazon.

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Why introduce the flow variable of a hole when the Sworks screens do the trick without it?

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I routinely drop a paper filter on top to keep the shower screen clean. I always have an indentation after pulling a shot.

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Any update on shipping times? I ordered a blue Micra and 2 espresso cups on 1/27/24 and the order is still listed as processing on the La Marzocco Home page. I got an email yesterday saying an order was shipping, but it was only 2.0 pounds. I think they are just sending the cups. :evil: I got no message or indication that they are bench testing or arranging delivery date as the welcome booklet stated.

Edit. Thanks for the replies. US based order here. Later today I got a much more clear e-mail. Shipping today, estimated delivery is 3/19

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USA order here. I ordered a black Micra on January 25th, and got the shipping notification yesterday and a planned delivery date of March 18th.

The shipping notification for the Micra should include a link to tracking from Tazmanian Freight if in the US, as I understand it.

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1/23 order, bench testing was the 11th, shipped the following day. You will get an email when it ships. The delivery date on the freight site is not your actual delivery date though. They will call to arrange a date. Mine shows the 15th but expecting next week as they haven't called yet.

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How has shot consistency been?

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I ordered a black Micra on 1/29 and its scheduled to be delivered on 3/20

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Ordered 2/1, informed machine will be on bench 3/20. That being said, my order is still in "Processing" so I'll be pleasantly surprised if I get a shipping notification 3/21 but I'm not holding out hope.

What's a few more days waiting though, right? :(