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I have one, seems to work fine. Maybe there was a mismatch between what was shipped and what is listed, or the expectation was that it worked better than stock. I didn't find it to be an improvement, but supposedly will last longer than the rubber.


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Dumb question, but do you tip the delivery person when getting a Micra delivered?

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Unless you usually tip the FedEx or ups guy, I don't see why. Mine was just dropped off by my garage while I was at work anyway.

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Depends on how much help you want to ask the driver for. But for just putting the pallet on the driveway or the bottom of the steps, not usually.


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Another question. The manual says you should unscrew the diffuser and clean it with cleaning detergent everyday.

I'm using a puck screen. Do I still need to this daily? Seems excessive. And how often should one do a backflush, either with just water or with the cleaning solution?

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Not even remotely.

The manual is stuck in the "we make commercial machines" way of thinking.

I'd drop the screen after a week of use with the puck screen and evaluate the buildup. I did this and found no appreciable buildup , and then went 2 weeks, and 3 and now I'm at a monthly schedule. For my usage, 1 month seems the right frequency. You might find that 2 or 3 is better given your roast preferences and amount of daily shots, but daily is ludicrous.

My preferred approach is to remove the screw and drop the shower screen. Reinsert the screw into the group and set the screen in the blind basket and sprinkle a little bit of cleaner onto the screen. Then I lock in and do one quick backflush. I then let the machine sit for ~10 minutes and let the detergent work. The backflush gets the detergent in the drain tube and solenoid and all over the shower screen and diffuser.

After a 10 minute wait, I run the automated backflush sequence. Then I unlock the portafilter and wipe the screen, diffuser and gasket area down with a clean rag. It is generally spotless without anybwiping, but I like to be sure. Then I replace the shower screen and run another backflush sequence with just water. After this, it's good to go


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That is what I figured. Thanks.


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I only just got mine today, so still have to properly dial in beans and also get fresher beans. Right now, it's a definitely sour but still drinkable with some 2 month old grocery store beans. But even with that, its surprisingly consistent without too much fussiness. And perfectly fine for milk drinks. I will get better fresher beans of course.

Really impressed so far at the ease of use. I had a Breville Barista Pro that I stopped using months ago because of how temperamental it seemed to me. This one just seems to work. Love the relative silence too when its running.

I ordered the red one on 9/9 and received it today, one day earlier than scheduled delivery date.