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Jrodanapolis wrote:Make sure you get one of the silicone ones! They make life so much easier. ... cco-mini-1
Yes thanks - that's exactly the one I got! Had a heck of a time removing the original one...had to buy a tool in the end. But out it came.

All fine now it would seem, thanks! And, ordered another gasket to keep in reserve...

ETA: re color choice, NB that Red is the only color with white LM logo. So if you're color matching accessories it somewhat opens up white as an option (my grinder is white as is my scale).


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NelisB wrote:Love my black!


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So... what did you decide?

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proflex857 wrote:I have similar white cabinetry, and I chose the black so it wasn't just white on white, especially since it might not be the same shade. Probably wouldn't clash, but I thought it might look goofy.
I agree with this and a good friend who is a designer. If the white isn't the same it's going to look off and it will stand out more then if you went a different color. I have white cabinets and when with SS.


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Between the white and black. For people who own the black, have you noticed if it scuffs/scratches easily? Based on pictures, it looks like the black shows more stains, fingerprints, etc. than the white, but hard to tell.

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The black is matte and wonderful.

It doesn't really show fingerprints at all and easily wipes clean without streaks.
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Jrodanapolis wrote:Make sure you get one of the silicone ones! They make life so much easier. ... cco-mini-1
Do not make the same mistake I did, this Gasket is not for the Micra. :(


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What issue did you run into?


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Looks like the right one to me, 8.2mm LM part H.3.007 equivalent?


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The thickness is incorrect the stock portafilter won't fit with that gasket. It's thicker.