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#1371: Post by jackeren »

Can't decide Linea Micra Color
light blue is very classic like classic car
Red both my wife and boy like this color even though not matching to kitchen
Black is my usual fave color
Gray is somewhat very nice, but lately i saw kinda machine gray color on new cars on the street

see i'm torn. would you guys votes : ) for color :D


#1372: Post by Fitz454 replying to jackeren »

Tough one, but bottom line, they all look nice.

Kind of like trying to decide on the color of your new Porsche (albeit, a much smaller financial investment):
Some go classic colors: GT Silver, Guards Red, Black Metallic.
Some want it to gather attention:
Speed Yellow, Miami Blue, Lava Orange
Some go with a personal taste.

With the Micra, it depends on whether you want a more classic (Stainless, Black), a standout (Yellow, Red), or something to blend in. In the last case, it might help people if you posted a picture of it's planned location.


#1373: Post by jackeren »

Very nice idea.. Here I attach picture of my kitchen
It will replace my 8 years old Gaggia Classic

Thanks for the insight :)

Team HB

#1374: Post by ira »

In that kitchen I would go white, especially if you could get a grinder in white you wanted.


#1375: Post by Fitz454 »

I'm not sure if the Micra suction cup feet would work well with the black mat (tough to see what it is made out of). Those feet really allow the machine to sit heavier than it actually weighs, so it doesn't slide around with the "La Marzocco" stiffer portafilter lock-in. If the Black mat stayed, White would stand out against the black and look sharp.

If the black mat is removed, the white machine would disappear in the "sea of white" counter/cabinets. Then a Black machine would give a nice contrast and stand out better. If you haven't figured it out, I'm big on contrast with some color coordination.

For a splash, Red would certainly do the trick.

Although Blue looks sharp, I personally think it would clash with your classic kitchen colors.

Gray is the new classy look in cars but the others mentioned above are a better fit IMO. It would be a classy, splashy look, if you will.


#1376: Post by jackeren »

Yeah white would be The most neutral design wise.


#1377: Post by jackeren »

Actualy that's just black microfiber towel under :lol:

Black is on top of my head tbh

Gray also but I work at industrial machine where everyday I see CNC machine with that color.

Atleast now I filter out blue.

Red would make my kids happy

But ughh so hard, if micra only 2500 price range I wouldn't be so limbo like this.

Thanks for the tips


#1378: Post by proflex857 »

I have similar white cabinetry, and I chose the black so it wasn't just white on white, especially since it might not be the same shade. Probably wouldn't clash, but I thought it might look goofy.


#1379: Post by jackeren »

I think Black it is. So far I'm leaning to black


#1380: Post by NelisB »

Love my black!