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matthewh133 wrote:This Micra steaming gets the milk to the right temp in like 5-10 seconds and I'm getting a crap load of foam in the process.
Jeff wrote:Once you get your rhythm down, you might bump it up again. "Commercial level" steam can be addictive.
I used to have a GS3 and steamed 4-5 ounces of milk for 30+ drinks each Saturday. At first, it had me baffled. Once I got the technique down, it was awesome.

I'm not sure what size pitcher you are using, but you can increase the depth of milk under the wand by tipping the pitcher. Also, I find using my hand at the bottom of the pitcher to gauge temperature better than using a thermometer. I imagine you've noticed this, but the thermometer keeps going up after you turn the steam off, so it's easy to overshoot.


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Yeah I've always used my hand to gauge temperature, works for me. Challenging with the Micra so far though because I'm trying to deal with learning a new level of pressure and how quick everything changes. I'm using the small size Fellow pitcher right now for my 12oz lattes. With my Mara X I would typically put 6oz of milk in and end up with around 10oz by the end which is what I'm aiming to do with the micra, but with better microfoam.


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Try not to open it all the way immediately. First a little to get the vortex going.

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The other coffee drinker in our house ghost steams on the DE1 because it is so slow. The first try in the Micra made a mess. I suggested turning it on full, watching the milk instead on the thermometer, and moving fast. Within two days I was hearing "Do we get to keep this [demo machine]?" Perhaps the quick success at the highest stream level was related to not applying what worked in the past and effectively learning from scratch.


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Yeah I'm really having issues because if I put in 6oz of milk into my 12oz Fellow pitcher, the wand cannot get low enough into the milk so I end up with a huge amount of froth from it sitting on top at that initial startup before it fills up more. Any more tips from fellow latte drinkers?

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Jake recently posted Help! Steaming milk on La Marzocco Linea Micra

My experience is similar. I didn't find there to be a mechanical issue with steaming in a typical 12 oz / 35 cL pitcher or even a 16 oz / 50 cL one.


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Thanks, I'll have to play around some more. I only make 2 lattes a day so I don't get a lot of practice.

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Water and a dot of dish soap can be a reasonable surrogate


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I'm new to higher level espresso but I've been pondering adjustable pressure/preinfusion on the Micra and something came back to me from my 1970s motorcycle days and carb tuning:

1. Does anyone who has disassembled the Micra know if a modified device like this could be installed through the cover to easily adjust pump pressure?

2. Would continuous adjustments possibly damage the pressure control device, for instance using it for preinfusion?

0. Should have asked this first; are there better ways to do this without direct plumb-in? Obviously something a little more classy looking.


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I believe this is similar to how the GS3 MP controls pressure albeit in the group head, the major downside of your method is you could reduce pump pressure so much you're unable to refill the boilers or increase beyond allowable limits. Unsure on longevity.