La Marzocco Linea Micra owner reviews

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#1: Post by coffeenewb56 »

Hi friends! I received my white LM Linea Micra today. Overall it looks just like the Linea but scaled down. Setup was a breeze and the packaging was nice and minimal. The box seems to be the same, if not even smaller than that of my Rocket Appartamento. I've pulled one shot so far and it was a great experience. Some initial notes:

1. The included milk pitcher seems extra small (which I like). It's smaller than the small Fellow pitcher which is my go-to. Perhaps made for 6-8 oz of milk.
2. There doesn't seem to be a water testing kit included? IIRC, the Linea Mini did include this. Can any other owners chime in?
3. The top cup tray does rattle a bit when I open/close my fridge at the other end of the counter. Flipping the cups up right seems to fix this somewhat.
4. The tamper is convex, as previously noted. I prefer my Barista Hustle tamp so I haven't tested the LM one yet.
5. Machine is pretty quiet while brewing. Way quieter than my Rocket Appartamento.
6. There's just enough room for my Acaia Lunar, cappuccino cup, and bottomless PF. Another inch would be nice, but it's manageable.

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#2: Post by dparrish »

Nice! I take it that there wasn't any off-putting smell upon startup as mentioned in the previous forum?
Are you using the built-in water supply? With steaming, how often are you having to fill the reservoir (I know it may be a bit early to ask)?

Doing kitchen remodel and considering downsizing from Mini.

As a side note, nice cup/saucer. What is the make?

Thanks and congratulations!

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#3: Post by coffeekup »

@dparrish it looks like vintage Heath Ceramics in the traditional brown/pumpkin orange glaze

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#4: Post by chipman replying to coffeekup »

You beat me to the punch. That is exactly what it looks like. Heath is a wonderful ceramics co.

coffeenewb56 (original poster)
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Yup! They're vintage Heath Ceramics.

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#6: Post by dparrish »

Too bad...they don't apparently make regular coffee cups anymore. Why has everyone gone to making just mugs?
Those are beautiful :).

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#7: Post by mctrials23 »

Looks beautiful. I don't know if any other company could pull off a design like the LM Linea but I really don't like the chrome e61 look and all the machines that don't use the e61 style seem to still have largely horrible designs. The only thing I like less than a chrome e61 is a non-chrome e61.

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#8: Post by Stratopeak »

Just received my Linea Micra yesterday. Moving from a Breville Oracle Touch.

The machine was well packed, but the drop sensor was tripped. Called La Marzocco and they said they are sensitive. Told me to inspect it carefully and document any problems. The machine seemed well packed and I didn't see any noticeable damage.

Similar to the other reviewer, mine does have the plastic/metal smell upon startup. It reminds me of a new furnace. It's definitely less noticeable today. I think this will go away over time and wasn't too worried about it. My guess is that it's normal.

After reading other reviews, I did have some concerns, which were quickly dispelled after actual machine usage.

Size: The machine is very small. It's amazing the amount of power they have packed into this machine. If you're looking for a small machine with commercial capabilities, can't go wrong here. It feels and looks much smaller than by Breville Oracle.

Steam Power. This machine has a lot of steam power. It is in no way limited by the boiler size. Maybe it can't steam 10 latte's in a row, but owners should have no concerns about the microfoam or quality of steam it can produce.

Portafilter Clearance. Probably my biggest concern. There is plenty of room with an Acaia Lunar scale + Acme Cappuccino cup. I measured that I needed 4 inches. With both, it seems like there is still 1-2 inches remaining using the naked portafilter and it's very easy to see the flow of espresso.

I'm using a Niche grinder and still haven't gotten the espresso dialed in yet. Hate to say it, but so far the Breville has produced better espresso. I'm sure this will change as I get it dialed in better.

Question for everyone: the machine comes with a 17g basket and I have an 18g VST basket. I usually dose 19g into the 18g VST basket. On the Breville, this was great. On the Micra, it seems to touch the screen and screw. Any advice on the best basket size and dosing in this range?

Finally, the Micra parts catalog shows the water test kit, but mine didn't come with one. It's also mentioned in the manual that it should arrive with every machine.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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#9: Post by Auctor »

Stratopeak wrote:Just received my Linea Micra yesterday. Moving from a Breville Oracle Touch.

Let me know if you have any other questions.
Would love to hear your decision making process for moving to the Micra from the Oracle, instead of getting a flow-control E61 or a Breville Dual Boiler.

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#10: Post by drummy »

Quick question for an actual owner:
Is there a way to turn on/off the steam boiler directly on on the machine? Or is the only way through the app?
I was wondering if the red and blue lights beside the paddle could actually be buttons, but I believe it is not the case.
Thanks in advance!