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-super-hans wrote:That's a bit disappointing. Hopefully something they could correct with updated Firmware to the machine.
I had custom firmware from Gicar on my GS/3 that extended it to 120s (plus PI) but I don't know who might have connections like that these days.

Plus with the connected machines updating OTA, any custom firmware would get wiped pretty quick.
LMWDP #704


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My review of the Linea Micra:
After having the Micra for about 6 weeks I have to say that I really love this machine. It's a joy to use every day, and after several years with a Rancilio Silvia, and about 6 years with a Rocket e61 machine I can't believe how easy it is to make consistently great shots using the Micra.

Before I bought the machine my biggest concern was the clearance/headroom under the portafilter and whether I would comfortably fit a scale under my espresso cups. Happy to report that it isn't really an issue at all as long as you're using convertible portafilter in the Bottomless configuration.

As for my complaints, the water tank is too small. By far my biggest complaint so far, I'm filling it probably twice a day. And I find it disappointing that they haven't been able to provide plumb-in instructions for such an expensive machine. I don't see why they wouldn't have known what was needed to plumb this machine in when they selected this pump for the Micra in the design stage. If it's a supply chain issue getting the parts for plumb-in then just say that, but to say to the customers that they don't even have a timeline to share is really disappointing when pre-infusion and plumb-in capability were advertised as features that were already available/working.

Also not crazy about the angle of the steam arm as others have mentioned, but it does work ok with smaller pitchers like the one they provided.

The app is definitely flaky and needs to be updated, but it's really a non-issue for me because it's only something I use when backflushing.

Overall I would buy the Micra again in a second. Only thing I would do different is I regret not getting the black (mine is white, anyone wanna trade? :P )


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Filling the reservoir twice a day? How many shots are you pulling, how much/long are you purging? Steaming?


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I typically have 2 americano's and an espresso in the morning, my partner usually has 2 americano's. It's the hot water use that really drains it. I imagine if you were drinking espresso/latte's it would last significantly longer but shouldn't be a problem at all once I get it plumbed in


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Ah. Yeah that makes sense then! I've only used the hot water to make sure it worked :) Wife prefers her Brewista kettle for her tea so... (that said I wouldn't mind plumbing in, though it'd take some surgery to my cabinets)

Ben Z.

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Setting up an espresso station, but it's temporarily in the kitchen. First blue one I've seen?


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would you mind sharing when you ordered your blue Micra?
I ordered mine (light blue color) on Jan 13th, but the order status stays same "Processing."

Ben Z.

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drfluid wrote:would you mind sharing when you ordered your blue Micra?
I ordered mine (light blue color) on Jan 13th, but the order status stays same "Processing."
It will change from Processing to Update when it's being built.

My blue Micra was ordered Dec 28th and I got an email update from LM today. My machine (along with many others) arrived at LM USA, from Italy, and it's going through final QA and testing. It's supposed to ship "the week of the 13th or 20th" depending on how fast they get it tested. So I'd say their 6-8 week timeline is about right, maybe even closer to 8 than 6.

At least it's here in the US, so I consider that a plus. My E61 knows his days are numbered at this point =)


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oh man, that Blue is beautiful.