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imbenanderson wrote:I ordered it and it came yesterday. Finally, I can stop having to fill up the machine before making a coffee :D
Just curious, how was installing it and how is it performing so far?


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I spoke to them on their chat function. They said it was a real part and it came in the La Marzocco box. I ordered that and a filter they suggested after checking my postcode.

I haven't fitted it yet, not even opened the box. I will update once I have done it.


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I haven't done it yet. The plumber is only coming next week to fit it into the mains water supply with a filter. I will sort the machine the day before he comes so I can still make coffee until then


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espressoren wrote:Maybe at 1/4" it's starving the pump? Not sure but I had used a larger tube because I wanted at least as much flow as the original reservoir, which I think was 8mm so I went 3/8".
A larger diameter tube helped reducing the noise a lot!


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I received my kit from Marzocco USA this week and installed it yesterday.

It was relatively easy, although there are a couple of things that I struggled with. I had trouble getting the copper gaskets to completely seal. A tiny droplet of water will form on the fitting after a while. Any advice for this?

The check valve was missing from the kit. Maybe this was purposefully left out?

No issues with noise or vibration and the drain seals just fine except where it connects to the sink, which I'll have to figure out.

Enabled pre-infusion and wow. It really does work.