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@espressoren You've been super helpful. Thank you.
My Micra arrives Friday. I'm looking to use the same set up as you and want to confirm the full set of components one more time. In reverse flow direction

Micra Pump > 60110-06-04 (push to connect)> PU Hose > to water line (BWT filter in my case)

There are no other fittings between 60110-06-04 and the pump, right? The image looks like there are two tightening screws so I want to be sure there no additional F2M BSSP fitting that I need to buy.

Very excited, thanks again! I'll post pics when I'm set up next week.

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Yes, just the one fitting.

I'd recommend doing an inspection of the PU you get after the report of a failure above. Mine has been fine but after the report I took a look at my leftover hose and found a place where the braid seemed to have a knot, so I wonder if the previous poster may have encountered something like this as a weak spot. Or use PE tubing for RO systems, or the threaded version of the elbow and a steel braided line.


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I was liking the idea of Push to Connect for ease of use but steel braided would be a forever solution.

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Incredible thread. I'm in over my head here, but still want to push through. I'm hung up on tricking the water supply sensor. after getting the line plummed, and app switched over to plummed in setting, it just idles with no red light and solid blue. If anyone can explain how this is done I'd be very grateful.

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You just need to connect the two springs under the machine where the reservoir usually sits. I used a wire with two clips, but you could connect them wihh the aluminum foil or whatever.

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thanks! I'll give it another try.

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According to the manual, solid blue light indicates water is good (senses in the tank or whatever). The red indicates power and whether the temperature is ready.


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Any updates to plumb-in kit release date?


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Does anyone know the size of the drain fittings? I am thinking I might just order the mini kit for the drain parts...

Also looking for generic names for what those parts are called?

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La Marzocco GS3 Drain Box Connector

Here is a good resource for the drain fittings, but the new kits have a quick release for the drain box, which is pretty nice.
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