La Marzocco GS3 steam not working.

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Hi Y'all,

Great forum for all things coffee and more. Perused this site the last day or so gathering intel on the steam issue I'm experiencing and setting expectations for the next steps to remedy the issue.

I have a La Marzocco GS/3 (2012). No upgrades or repairs needed other than gaskets. I did not encounter anything intermittent with steaming but woke up one morning and it no longer worked. Nothing happens when lever is activated. The gauge shows no pressure. Water is dispensed but it's not hot. Coffee operates fine. Based on what I read it's probably the SSR. Should I test more or order an SSR and part swap? Thanks.

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Well I didn't get much feedback here but nonetheless a replacement SSR by Crydom was ordered, received and installed and all seems back to normal. I confirmed that my SSR was failing by testing it (reference: Just glad my coffee ritual is back to normal.

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That is a good report! Thanks for sharing what was wrong. Did you source the SSR from LM? Or somewhere else? Also, did you notice if the display showed that the machine was calling for heat on the steam element?


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Hi Bill,

I Googled for the best price/quickest ship and ended up purchasing it from for 65.99$.
The display did not indicate any faults.