La Marzocco GS3 MP versions and factory changes over the years?

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Hi. So the GS3 MP came out in 2008 and I see lits about a "new" version in 2016-17. I see maintenance videos on you tube the clearly don't have a conical valve.

Does anyone know the history of versions and changes that La Marzocco have made over the years?
How big are these changes and what do they do?

If looking at the second hand market you need to know what you're looking at compared to the new. One would expect the latest to be the best.

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LM does a very nice job tracking all of their technical bulletins on their support page at

However, it is not immediately apparent what bulletins apply to which machines.

The GS/3 updates begin at TB-44: ... t-updates/

There a a handful of updates that apply to all machines (new shower screens, baskets, O-rings in MP groups, etc... on the way to to TB-105, which introduced the new displays and firmware, prior to the release of the connected machines: ... -firmware/

Strangely, the switch to conical valves in the MP is missing from the tech bulletins, but that upgrade was in 2017 and the parts manual indicates all MPs after SN 7604 were equipped with the new paddle assembly. Many used machines were upgraded to the conical calve, as well.

There are a handful more tech bulletins that apply to the GS/3, from updated check valves to stainless replacements of once copper tubes to upgraded vacuum breaker valves.

Hope this helps.


- Jake
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Hey thanks Jake_G
Dumb of me to not check the service section of their site.

So if I can get a 2020-2021 machine it sounds like no major changes since then?