La Marzocco GS3 MP first backflush. Now having faster shots.

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I have had my GS3 MP for about 3-4 months. I perform weekly backflushes without detergent. Never noticed a difference in shot timing. Today, I performed my first back backflush with the included branded detergent (came with the machine). When I pulled the next two shots (to discard) they came out quite a bit faster. I noticed the drips from the portafilter almost immediately where previously it took a few seconds. Same coffee, same grind size. Shot time went from ~30 seconds to ~24 seconds.

Could it be my machine was simply that clogged up or could I have damaged anything?

I used the suggested 1/2 teaspoon of Puro (branded for La Marzocco). Ran 5 cycles with detergent and 5 without per instructions.


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Not sure about this issue, but you should be doing plain water back flush after every session( 2 10s runs with blank basket is pretty standard), not once a week.

I typically do detergent flush every 2 weeks when a new order of beans arrive, gs3 isn't like e61 where frequent detergent use has negative impacts. At this rate of detergent flushing the included bottle of purocafe will still last you 6 years or more, I was still on the original bottle on my linea mini after 5.5 years.

Doing "the wiggle" and then plain water flush after each session, my group has stayed immaculate and very little buildup on top of the screen.

My 2 cents ..

clokwork (original poster)

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Thanks for the input. Maybe I did have buildup since I wasn't backflushing after every session. Shots are still being pulled so the machine isn't "broken". No leaks etc..


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sorry, didn't mean to imply your routine would cause any maintenance problems, water backflushing after each session is for hygiene purposes.

clokwork (original poster)

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I looked at the way I typed that and didn't mean to insinuate you were stating I did something wrong. Thanks for the input. I am now backfulshing for one cycle after each shot.


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How have your shot times been? I'm having trouble making any connection in my head between backflushing and your shots unless you truly had some significant buildup that is now cleared but that seems unlikely.

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They seem to have gotten faster, but I feel there may have been some bit of buildup previously. I like the idea of backlashing once after use to try and keep it clog free (or as clog free as possible).