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BaristaBob wrote:I don't own a GS/3 but my BDB has a saturated group. I make three drinks a day, so after my last session I do a "wiggle" with the blind PF to rinse the group gasket, and then two 10 sec. water only back flushes. Every 15 days I do a complete Cafiza back flush. My shot times stay very consistent, more so my group stays clean so there's no off-taste hanging around. I also use a top screen that keeps the group extra clean as well.
Not to be persnickety, but the BDB does not have a saturated brew group. It does have very good temperature stability, and the "wiggle" is a great way to keep the group clean - no questions there.

The BDB has a cleverly devised brewing group with an integrated heater in the roof and a separate brewing boiler nested above it. The only water connection between the boiler and the group is a PTFE tube that feeds the solenoid block. Here's a stock photo showing the 3 heating elements in the BDB:

The brew boiler and the group are mounted closely, but there is nothing "saturated" about the design. In fact, it is rather the opposite, as the group is actually "dry".
Here's a shot of the BDB brew group without the nested boiler:

Compared to a Cutaway of La Marzocco saturated grouphead:

Both approaches are thermally stable, with the BDB requiring an algorithm to control the group heater, and the LM requiring time for the brew water to bring the group up to the appropriate temperature. Active vs passive temperature management. Both approaches are totally valid. But only one is saturated :)


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Hey Jake,

I appreciate the lesson on group designs, thanks! This is actually fascinating.

In any case, I love that Breville group design. It heats up quickly, and has great temp control. Enough said, I don't want to move off topic for the PO.
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