La Marzocco GS3 MP - Detailed Dimensions Info

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Hi. I have been thinking about a possible upgrade to the La Marzocco GS3 MP. I have a beverage counter area that I plan to utilize and installed above the counter top is a set of 12" length shelves that are at ~18" above the countertop.

My question is specific to the Manual Paddle model - At what length is the start of the paddle and pressure gauge as measured from the back of the machine? I do not want to have next to no clearance above the pressure gauge in relation to my lowest shelf.

I hope this question makes sense and somebody that owns a GS3 MP might be able to provide me an accurate measurement? Obviously I am hoping the gauge is more than 12" out from the back of the machine.

I have looked at all the spec sheets, manuals, etc and I cannot find anything other than the MP version is 17.5" in total height, which I assume is the top of the paddle pressure gauge.


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The center of the group is 18" from the back of the machine.

So you have well over 12 inches.


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Thank you sir!!