La Marzocco GS3 color combinations

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As I'm anxiously awaiting my GS3 MP to be shipped, i finally landed on and purchased the customizations. When I placed the order for the machine, I went with white body panels and everything else stock because I couldn't decide between walnut and the black / stainless steel. Ended up going with the black glass side panels and black / stainless for group cap, paddle, and steam lever :D

Anyone have similar (or the same) combination and mind posting pictures? There aren't a ton of photos online with the stock La Marzocco combinations-it's all either bone stock stainless or heavily customized via Specht etc.

Thanks in advance :D

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I just made my own with everything else to match.

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Looks awesome :D


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When I had my GS3, I CNC machined aluminum panels/group cap/steam knob and powder coated them. I tried yellow, blue and white (can't find a photo of the white version)

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The blue looks awesome!


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It was a metallic powder from Prismatic Powders and I think it was two different coats. It would change color hue slightly at different angles. I asked the powder shop to surprise me with anything blue and that's what he came up with. lol. PM me if you would like a pair, I think I have an extra and looks like you are close geographically. They will probably need to be repowdered but you could change to whatever color you want.


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Maybe one day I'll be in the market for a GS/3, so I have this pic of my fav combo colors. To me the black body with white frosted glass side panels looks killer. I believe someone on H-B owns this baby!!!

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I have had this GS3 for several years. I love the way it looks. However, the GS3 graphic on the back of the machine is not visible. From the front you get no idea of what kind of machine it I added a LaMarzocco name plate from a LM Mini to the drip tray.