La Marzocco GS3 - Can't control machine via app

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I recently upgraded my wifi network, and I'm now having the following issue when trying to connect version 2 of the La Marzocco app to my machine. I have a dedicated 2.4ghz wifi network set up for smart devices like the GS3 which don't seem to play nice with 5ghz networks.

1. I put the GS3 in config mode. Then, I go through the phone/machine pairing process, enter my wifi network. The GS3 seems to update just fine.
2. However, every button that controls the GS3 is disabled when I go into the app and try to use anything. This includes turning the machine on/off, upgrading firmware, changing scheduled on/off settings, etc.

Any suggestions?

I uploaded this video to YouTube showing the issue.



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Tony, your firmware isn't updated.Many in same situation. What worked for me and others is from app Status page, press bottom right drawing of person. That should get you to User Actt page. On bottom left of page press "report a problem". That will generate an email for you to complete. You will get a response and hopefully a resolution. I don't think they are working during weekend. GL

Jalopez (original poster)

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Thanks for responding. Agreed that I need to upgrade my firmware, but why is the button to do the upgrade disabled in the app? How have others solved this problem?

BTW, I did reach out to LM support, and they merely stated all the directions which I had already done. I followed up with the video so they could see the problem in more detail. Hopefully, I'll get some better help on the second try.

Thanks again,


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It's a failure of the implementation of the app. LM can fix it remotely for you, as they did for others, if you report the issue via the app, as I suggested. Many of us continued to try to get the Firmware update, but it would fail repeatedly. The video should definetly help. GL