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Daily clear water back flushes after using machine (until water runs clear) + "portafilter wiggle".

Then once per week i do detergent back flush using full circle (3g).

The Slayer auto cleaning program seems to be pretty similar to the GS3 AV.

It is 150 seconds total, it runs 5 sec on(so it gets to full pressure for about 1-2 sec), 10 sec off. It does this 10 times. Then screen menu, tells you to remove portafilter and press the button. At which time it runs 15 sec on (rinse).
I usually run the cleaning cycle one with backflush detergent,then again without detergent in portafilter. Not sure this really needs to be run the second time, as the manual just mentions to run it once. Though i want to ensure all soap is out.

Prior to detergent back flushing:
Since i have IMS competition coated screen, prior to doing detergent backflush, i remove it, thouroughly wipe down dispersion block and use Espazzola Grouphead Cleaning Tool. I and put in the stainless screen, then detergent back flush as outline above.

Also once per week i drop basket it hot water and full circle, Then rinse clean.
And use microfilber cloth and hot water to thoroughly clean coated shower screen.


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Cristiano wrote:Do you know which shops I could find? because I searched in some stores and did not find.

thanks for the feedback.
If you decide you want to buy the buttons you're probably going to need to get them directly from LA marzocco. Pages 10 and 11 have the relevant parts. almost looks like there are covers over the actual buttons so maybe you don't need all new electronic parts ... 5FzAuip9vb

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That's an old version of the parts catalog. You can download a current copy here.

The part number for the AV button decals is E.1.015/1. E.1.015/2 for the MP. You should be able to get them through your dealer, but if not they're available direct from LM USA. The complete set of decals is on the order of $50 plus shipping, though the only price list I have is 18 months old.

You peel off the old decals, remove the backing from the new ones and press them on. I believe it can be done without removing the top front cover, though it'll probably be a little easier to do with the cover off. I did it with the cover off, but I was replacing some other parts at the time.

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Note you need the correct version for your machine. Older firmware had the power function on the hot water button. It was great for Pavlovian conditioning (that is a mistake I don't make).

The newer moved the power function to another button. No scalding and no Pavlovian conditioning - oh! the horror.
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