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BaristaBoy E61 wrote:Great timing, My wife was just asking if we should leave the 'Stevester Speedster' on most of the day. We turn it OFF around noon. We might try leaving it ON longer once we're in heating season. Electric heat is 100% efficient.

Generally, I just pick a a lane and stick to it but there's no harm changing lanes either - Except when we're air-conditioning too! :mrgreen:
Ypuh wrote:Different parts wear at different rates. Some parts wear when the machine is on, so 24/7 will cause additional wear. Others will wear with each on/off cycle.

It's pretty hard to calculate which is the more benificial, but if you take in the European energy costs of up to €0.50 per kWh, the additional energy consumption probably offsets any additional maintenance costs. This might look different if your energy costs are €0.15 per kWh.

(Ps. my Linea Mini consumes approximately 1.3 kWh in an 8h on/16h off cycle or 3 kWh per day in a 24/7 cycle)
I'm actually leaning on turning it off when I'm not using it because if I had to turn to let it on till my last coffee it would be like 12-13 hours on. half day. despite I have a very cheap electric bill. I have green eco , I pay 0.065euro/kHw


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I have a slayer at the weekend place and a gs3 in the city; I leave the machines on all the time when I'm around, turn them off when I leave; generally 2 coffees in the morning and 1-2 in the afternoon

No waiting when you want a coffee

Used to have 2 spazalies, one with their timer that worked most of the time and the other that was never ready when I wanted it to be 8)