La Marzocco diffuser screw redesigned

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#1: Post by gr2020 »

Apparently they moved the position of the holes, and are achieving a better distribution of water...


#2: Post by pcrussell50 »

Even water distribution is an ever hotter topic lately. Good on them for keeping up. My but they they sure love their signature, big convex straight slot though, don't they? ;)

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#3: Post by BoulderMike »

Does this apply to the Linea Mini or is it only for the GS/3 and other more commercial machines?


#4: Post by EricC »

I should think that it apples to all machines with a similar diffuser screw. I have one on the way for my Single Group Slayer.

This has now arrived and fits perfectly. I will try it out later.


#5: Post by Zanderfy » replying to EricC »

Interested to read your findings! Stock Slayer screw seems identical to LM, and water dispersion seems uneven a majority of the time.


#6: Post by pcrussell50 »

RE ^^^ same here.

The new design only looks subtly different than the old one. But sometimes (especially with fluid flow), a small change can make a big difference. Fingers crossed and curious how it turns out.

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#7: Post by dsblv »

I recommend following up with Chris at La Marzocco to learn if it's worth upgrading to the new diffuser screw. The screw was originally designed for the KB90 and its automatic steam flush feature. Chris can provide insight on whether the change provides any benefit for other machines.


#8: Post by EricC »

As was mentioned above, this new diffuser screw was originally designed for the KB90 and its automatic steam flush feature, but is according to LaMarzocco being fitted to all new machines.

I can confirm that the water coming from the dispersion does indeed appear to be much more evenly spread.


#9: Post by BoulderMike »

I emailed La Marzocco and asked about the screw. They said they had it and it was suitable for the Linea Mini. But, they wanted $19.68 for one screw. Are they kidding? You can get a gasket, screen and screw in the LM Preventative Maintenance kit for $20. $19.68 for one screw seems beyond excessive. Also, it seems that if it is really that much of an improvement, LM might just send one in the USPS for free. Really, what can one screw cost them?

I should mention it was the LM USA parts department that I was in contact with, not Chris at LM Home.


#10: Post by EricC »

This must be a first, cheaper in the UK.

The diffuser screw was only £8.33 over here ..... $10.28 USD