La Cimbali M21 only steam out of water dispenser

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#1: Post by darrin4mayor »

My La Cimbali M21jr sat for about a year and a half and now I only get steam out of water dispenser. Group head works and steam wand works after running descale solution thru unit. Pulled tap from machine and now all I get is steam. Could there be blockage at tank or valve assembly. I am hoping to not have to do total teardown so any advice would be great.

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#2: Post by JRising »

My first guess would be underfilled boiler. If the water level were deep enough to flow out through the pipe, it would be boiling water, not steam, flowing. Is the boiler-fill circuit working properly? I know there's no sight glass on those, but you could remove, inspect and clean the fill-probe, look into the hole or dip in a chopstick to try to determine depth.