La Cimbali Dosatron M39 Manual

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Postby E:V:A » May 22, 2012, 4:25 pm

I have just bought a La Cimbali Dosatron M39 from a bankrupt restaurant, here in Oslo, Norway. However, to my great dismay, they didn't have the user manual, and google have not turned up anything apart a Russian one. Does anyone have an English, Italian or German version? Or in the worst case, text instructions how to program it?

Any help would be incredibly appreciated and earn a lifetime of free espresso's at my place!

Thanks in advance.

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Postby paradiseroasters » May 22, 2012, 4:33 pm

This is the M30 manual, hopefully the programming will carry over.
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Postby E:V:A » May 22, 2012, 5:01 pm

Unfortunately not, since it's a completely different machine. The M39 has a digital display and is programmed through that... Thanks anyway.

Al deHyde
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Postby Al deHyde » May 22, 2012, 6:38 pm

Just three random thoughts you've probably already explored:

--The restaurant you acquired your M39 from probably had a service contract with someone locally. Perhaps this service contract company could help you, or alternatively send someone over to tutor you in the machines use.

--Is there a local LaCimbali rep whom you could contact to help you?

--Contact LaCimbali directly, explain your situation and ask them for a printed copy (or PDF, as a backup) of the appropriate M39 manual. The model and serial number of the machine may help you here, and they may ask for it anyway.

I am seriously envious of your machine - If I had the room for one on my counter space an M39 would have been my 'ideal' choice. The use of fresh water and temperature management in this machine is first rate. I am sure you are going to love this machine.

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Postby paradiseroasters » May 22, 2012, 7:00 pm

This is extremely rough, but maybe it will give you a start.

From the Russian M39 manual...

===PAGE 8 TEXT===

Client Programming

Exiting the Programming Menu
Before exiting the menus:
- Press the OK key to confirm any changes made to settings;
- Press the RES key to leave settings unchanged
The icons below will appear alternating on the lower part of the display:

===PAGE 9 TEXT===

Adjusting the time
Use the "+" (30) and "-" (31) to adjust the clock.
Time increases (or decreases) by one minute each time you press.
If one of the buttons (30 or 31) press and hold for more than 10 seconds, The will change the minute you get the setup menu pm (increase or decrease the hour).

During the installation of a second is in position "00."

How to enter the programming menu
ONLY if the position is "Customer Progr.
the "set to" YES "and the position of" Program. block /
Program. Block "set to" NO.

"To enter the
Click the button programming PRG (29) will be displayed
the following message:
Click one of the buttons on the control panel stream (2);
corresponding LED turns on.
Use the "+" (30) and "-" (31) to place your cursor
(Black line) to the line, then press click PRG (29).
Always use the "+" (30) and "-" (31) to change
settings, and then there are two possibilities:

When the cursor changes to the data "a" or slider appears with min. / max. values:
If the "client. Progr"", the" set to "NO / N)", the display shows the following message:
1) confirm the changes by clicking OK.
2) exit the menu without changing the settings by clicking RES.

===PAGE 10 TEXT===

Programming - Coffee
In Control Panel, click one of the buttons stream coffee
(2). The LCD display shows the following message:
Each group is controlled from the panel, each button can be
be programmed to the desired amount.
This option is the choice of coffee can be changed:
The dose of water (number of pulses)

Programming - Cappuccino / milk
Press one of the feed-milk cappuccino. The LCD
following message appears:
Parameters Cappuccino milk-can be
Milk Dose (time stream of milk, sec.)
Milk Start / Coffee Start ** (stream of milk with a delay after the stream of coffee, and vice versa)
Dose-Water (number of pulses)

(**) Start milk/Start coffee function
Cappuccino can be prepared in the following ways:
- First coffee, then the milk (Cappuccino black).
- First, milk, and then coffee (cappuccino white).
You may use the "+" (30) and "-" (31) to change
settings "Start Milk" (the streams of milk with a delay after the stream coffee, and vice versa) with a "00" to "99" division "1" s.
If for the formation of a value above "99" settings "Start Milk" change
to "Start Coffee" (stream of coffee with a delay after the stream milk), then after settings return "Start Milk"

Set for
Cappuccino settings
default: Start Milk 00.
By Default:
"Start Milk 00" - the stream of milk starts by pressing a button.
After a few seconds. will stream coffee;
"Start Milk 99" or a high value that exceeds Coffee Time stream - stream stream milk begins after coffee;
'Start Milk 05 "- begins the stream of coffee, and after 5 seconds. after pressing the button starts the stream of coffee.
Note: If the set time exceeds the time of high tide coffee after the stream the milk begins immediately spilled milk.
"Start Coffee 00" - streams of coffee begins after the stream
"Start Coffee 99" or any value greater than 0 - the stream of coffee will start in 99 seconds. (Or a set time) after
stream of milk.

===Page 11 Text===
Programming - hot water
Press the hot water supply (12). The LCD display
the following message:
The following parameters of boiling water supply can be changed:
- Time of the stream of water (the streams of time in sec.).
Programming using the "Self-learning"

Doses to the Fe and boiling water can also be configured using the "SELF SETTING":
Press and hold STOP at least 8 seconds. or until
hear a sound that will last for
programming. The LCD display below the specified
menu, showing the values ​​of conventional water and coffee.
Cup of coffee
1 - Fill the holder the right amount of coffee and connect
to the group.
2 Place a cup or glass under the holder, press the button
you want to program. Keep it pressed until the
the level of coffee in the cup reaches the required.
At this time, set the number of pulses (on the right
at the top of the display) is increasing. As soon as you release
button, the program will remember and save the resulting
number of pulses.
3 - In the same manner, if desired, you can configure all
other buttons.
Portions of boiling water
1 Press the button you want to program, and
hold down until you reach the desired level.
At this time, the number of seconds (top right of display)
increases, and when the release button, the program will remember
settings and displays on the display.
2 - Similarly, if desired, you can configure all
other buttons.
Upon completion, click STOP. The sound stops,
indicating the completion of the programming mode.
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Postby E:V:A » May 23, 2012, 5:54 am

@paradiseroasters: Thank you very very much for your effort! Now I can try to see what I can accomplish! :)

@Al deHyde: I have already written to them, but no response yet. In any case I do not want to spend thousands more on some maintenance contract for something I can do myself. In fact I am very surprised and disappointed that they do not have their user manuals available on their website for this machine. It's simply ridiculous. In any case, I'd like to use and program the machine myself, that is part of the joy of having your own machine!

Al deHyde
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Postby Al deHyde » May 23, 2012, 5:40 pm

It is disappointing to hear that LA CIMBALI customer support is apparently so abysmal. I asked them a fairly simple question about one of their machines (M32), sent a follow up, and never heard from them. I suspect unless you are a megabucks customer you are shunned, even if we own one of their current machines.

BTW, I didn't mean to suggest you buy a maintenance contract, but just find out who locally services them (the contracts) and maybe they would help you out for little (or hopefully) nothing. Or a small one-time demo fee, at most, if there were someone willing to do that.

It is odd that they do post online user manuals for some of their machines, but for yours, a top-of-the-line model, there is nothing. I looked there too, and could find no M30 manuals, just some specs for various M39 models.

I think it amazing that paradiseroasters translated that Russian for you! Very impressive!
That should help you a lot.

Good luck! Let us know if this gets resolved (one way or the other). It's useful information.