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yakster wrote:There's a Spinn Coffee Maker, a Bosch centrifugal coffee maker, and a Jericho J-SE85 Spin Express machine from Italy from the 70's or 80's. Maybe this one will be different.
Let's hope so. David Ross had a notable experience with the Bosch Spinn coffee maker that he reported on alt.coffee. Not so good for espresso; but it worked really well turning his kitchen into an instant Jackson Pollock.
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Marco_83 wrote:Hi,

What do you think about that :


My thoughts are more dos it qualifies as espresso or is it its own thing, using centrifugal force using fine mesh metal filter isn't quite the same as extraction with high temp water at high pressure.

Also I must admit that although I agree with the challenges of channeling of uneven distribution on the standard machine that makes it anything but a walk in the park, the question is dos centrifugal really solve that, or isn't it just another way of making uneven extraction because if a juicer is anything to go by it's not exactly even.

I can't help things about the difference between squeezed vs centrifugal produced juice the flavour and texture are very different to one another.

I still doubt this really dos anything and what effect dos different burrs have, dos it handle all type of roast dos it actually make even extraction as it proclaim, although removing mano from the equation certainly theoretically should improve consistency I'm somewhat sceptical over centrifugal because of other products I seen using said force.

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The video seems to overstate the difficulty of making espresso the normal way and implies that you are stuck with one temperature and one flavor profile with an espresso machine. Espresso can be dialed in for different temperatures and the results are far from binary good / bad. That you can achieve "crema" with old coffee also makes me think that this is false crema like that produced with a pressurized basked, maybe by whipping the coffee around. The whole premise of judging a good shot of coffee by the crema produced is outdated now anyways. Still, I'd be interested to hear user reviews over marketing information.

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