Kitchenaid dual boiler steamer

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Hi everyone!
I'm going straight to the subject:

I have a kitchenaid pro line dual boiler. I noticed that every time I use the steam before or while brewing the espresso the steam is weak, not able to twirl the milk. But as soon as the brewing is over, the steam suddenly gets really strong.

What is happening?

Thank you all!


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The element for the brew boiler may be on full time while brewing so that the little boiler doesn't drop down to reservoir temp by the end of a double shot, so at best, the steam boiler is competing with the brew boiler for power to generate steam. Worst case scenario, the brew boiler is prioritized for heating when brewing, the steam boiler gets no power at all and after the little steam pocket in the steam boiler is released, there's no heat being applied to the less than boiling water, until after the brew is completed.

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AthosFilemon (original poster)

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Can I do something about that?


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Steam just enough milk for the size of latte you're making, I'm sure it can do a couple ounces even if you start the brew part way in.
Or steam and brew separately.
I really don't think customizing it to be more than it should is a good idea, but maybe you have a reason for wanting that machine instead of something bigger.


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You can easily enable both boilers to be on at the same time by changing connections at the relay. It is the relay that switches power between to boilers so that only one is powered at a time. Here In the UK on 230v supply the max power draw will then be about 2,300 watts, not sure how that applies to 110v.

AthosFilemon (original poster)

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Which relay is it?
If I invest on a PID for the machine, can it help?
I saw a post about someone that did many upgrades on the kitchenaid and I am trying to do the same.
I wanted both boilers to work at the same time tô make it more "professional", while I can't afford a new one, since I am investing on grinder now.

AthosFilemon (original poster)

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I said which relay but I meant how do I change the connection on the relay lol

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I don't have exact instructions but basically you remove the connection to the switching coil so that it never switches and then move another connection (serving the brew boiler I think) from the switched points to the static points so that both boilers are powered via the static points. Not as difficult as it sounds if you look at the relay carefully.
Yes, a PID is beneficial, just as much as it is for the other SBDU Gaggias. The conversion is just as easy as for other machines, there is even room inside the case to house the PID and SSR (this was the earlier Kitchenaid without the white plastic case housing the timer board). You obviously don't need the steaming alarm function or steam SSR. I made a thread on it the FCUK coffee forums site.

AthosFilemon (original poster)

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Do you have the link for this thread of yours?
Any PID works or do I have to buy a specific one?


#10: Post by Norvin » replying to AthosFilemon »

Here- ... d-artisan/
I used a Rex c100, cheap and readily available.