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lsun22 wrote:LMLM for $2200? deal of the year right there. was it needing repairs? or someone just didn't know what they had?
Probably something they didnt know they had. It was pristine besides some bumps on the tray and a very minor idk finger print on the black paint? However the brass part under the vacuum breaker started leaking I believe from a thermal crack once opening it up. That got replaced for free after I called la marzocco.

It even had the short pantechion legs on it too lol.


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patrickff wrote:Thanks for doing this "experiment".
In my office there are two approaches: (a) Coffee club - drip coffee maker in the break room (a few $ per month), (b) people have their own coffee makers in their cubes.
I want to shift over to a coffee club in the long run, but my 1st world problem is more the laziness of having to go collect the minimal dollars from everyone young and old that don't have venmo. I had wanted to start a coffee service based on that issue (group pay) but fees for small transactions just kills it.

On a separate note, I just got a super jolly e (silver) for $550 that had only 1611 shots on the counter. This will go into the office if and only if it fits under the cabinet! Probably with the camera lens mod. 2015 model.

I wanted to get a mini e but had heard the sj was a bit better in terms of grind performance. And I couldn't find a good price on a used mini e anywhere on the east coast compared to this deal.

I'm hoping this makes the calibration a bit more reliable and quicker to dose for my coworkers (and mostly me). If it doesn't, I just scored what I think is a cheap sj regardless.


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I'm happy to report after the first week, the machine has been used by employees (probably 2 of them) and I returned to a well maintained machine from the training I gave them.

They seem pretty happy with it so far.


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Well the first office event was hosted for coffee service in the morning and was deemed a success. I believe the stats were as follows:

Espresso served: 14 double shots
Time: 45 minutes
Mix of espresso and lattes
Single dosing to maintain consistency
17g of St inies shark attack espresso

People started walking up in quick fashion where I had a queue of about 3-4 people at one time.

I'd call that a huge success and a testiment to the robustness of the LMLM. At no time did it die on me, run out of water in the tank, or produce bad results shot after shot. Staff commented this was really cool, didn't realize we had an espresso machine here, the coffee was excellent (I'm sure as to not hurt my feelings), and one even commented he liked doing these morale boosting events (which was not my initial intention for serving coffee today).

Notes: single dosing is working very well so the beans don't go stale in the hopper and gives the others something to do as we are all engineers wanting to get the best coffee.

We have currently 4 baristas (including me) capable of making coffee with full confidence.

The machine is still very well maintained and have only had a loose handle issue and that's it.

Need to work on my efficiency making drinks. Could have put the shot directly into the cup, and cleaned up as I went.


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Hehe. The office cafe is still open! Gotta love it now more than ever.

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Good to hear, Chris.

LMWDP # 272


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SonVolt wrote:I couldn't imagine this going over well in any office environment I've been a part of.
I have a client who installs Linea PB's and Super Jolly's in their pantries. I always play around with them I when I visit their locations for meetings. The employees do use the Linea quite frequently.