Izzo Alex Duetto IV PID flashing

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Hello to all , my 4 year old duetto IV which have been working flawlessly since day one all of the sudden won't heat , turned it off then back on , now when I turn it on all I see if the number 1.00 flashing very fast on the pid nothing else happens , tried resetting the pid , while power off holding the up button then turn it on , same thing , nothing but the rapidly flashing 1.00 , matching always been plumbed I have never used the reservoir and never had an issue always maintained, home use only . Any guidance ideas ?


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It's probably a toasted PID - relatively easy to replace as it's the first thing near the top once you pop the lid off.

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10 seconds ???

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In a PID controlled machine , if the PID module goes bad it would shut off everything ? Rotary pump isn't filling , and heaters for either boiler aren't coming on .. is that a correct assumption ? I " think " I rest both boilers correctly , turning machine off , pressing the rest button on both boilers ,but when I turn machine only thing is he PID flashing rapidly 1.00 ...Hopefully its just the PID module and nothing else ..Still waiting to hear back from Chris's coffee. My model is the Duet IV PLUS , does anyone know if there has been an upgrade or update to the PID module in the newer 2022 models ? It seems taht there has been updates to the recent production models .

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Wait till you speak with the techs at Chris' Coffee - they're excellent. It could be a defective boiler probe and not the PID at all.
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Joe from Chris's Coffee as expected was extremely helpful ... as I was told , the rapid flashing of the PID points right away to the PID module failing , I ordered the PID replacement and it should be on its way ..Thank you Joe and the team at Chris Coffee