Izzo Alex Duetto IV Flow Control Kit installation

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I bought a brand new Duetto IV and a flow control kit a few months back. The kit did not come installed. I've now got to a level of knowledge and consistency where I could probably install it without getting lost in the espresso maze and so I thought I'd try.

However... the kit didn't come with any instructions. I looked at lots of videos online and it looked not too hard. So I undid the big 36mm mushroom nut on the top of the head and what came off was just a cap with a cylindrical screen around what I can only assume is the gicleur orifice. But then I was left with the 36mm thread to which the nut was screwed sticking out of the head and no obvious way to take it off. All the videos I've seen have two screws on the top of the head - a small one which I presume is for the screen (like the one I took off) and a big one which takes the whole gicleur out. Even the Duetto III schematic here https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0014 ... 3500781166 shows two screws. But mine only has one large 36mm which doesn't allow the gicleur to be removed - if you look at any picture of a Duetto IV closely you'll see what I mean.

Any ideas on how to proceed or where I'm going wrong? With thanks in advance for any help!

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I would suggest reaching out to Chris' Coffee technical support on-line or e-mail. I've always found them most helpful and responsive.
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I don't think I've seen that type of Mushroom on an Izzo, yet, but it sure sounds like you're describing the profitec/ECM stainless mushroom...

So, once you remove the cap, you have the male threads exposed at the top of the mushroom, if your machine is brand new, it shouldn't be that badly encrusted into the E61 head yet, can you just grab the top of the mushroom with a rag on the threads to protect them and unscrew it with your hand?

It is possible I am not understanding the problem. I am now wondering if Izzo is putting stainless heads on the Duettos. If you post a picture of where you're stuck it might help me.

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Jrising, I can't post some pics right now but I think you've got it - I basically have the male threads sticking out of the head once I remove the 36mm nut. In googling around I found a video of a profitec 700 v2 which looks exactly the same - a single nut on top. Is that the way to get the mushroom out? Just hand tight around a towel? Will give it a try.

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Below are some photos. It did not show the slightest bit of budge with a towel. It sort of looks like there are markings for a 15mm Allen key on the inside of the male threads. I'm tempted to try that - the only other idea I had was locking two 36mm nuts on the male threads and then using the lower one of them - but that seems like a bit of a hack. Is it just me or is this quite a backwards design decision?

And of course any other clever ideas given these photos are more than welcome :D

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Ok - Googling for stainless steel mushroom got me to here Stainless steel E61 mushrooms Which confirms my suspicions that I need a monster Allen key. I measured the hex bolt at 15mm with my gauge so I'll have to buy one of those and regroup (pun intended). I'll post a pic of the mushroom and flow control kit as it sounds like these are still relatively rare in the wild.

Thanks for your help.

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Well, it was a 15mm Allen bolt. I found an old bike crank tool in my box of rubbish I can never throw away and got lucky. Here are some pics of the stock Duetto IV stainless steel mushroom as well as the Izzo flow control kit.

My stock mushroom produced 240ml in 20s with no portafilter. The flow control kit has 3.5 turns of play and I reckon about the 2.7 turn mark I am about equal to 240ml per 20s.