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Interesting. In the last month my PX3 series sensor has started becoming quite temperamental. After the pressure is released sometimes it remains reading between 0.5 and 1bar. After 15 minutes or so it will seemingly drop back down to 0. I certainly don't have confidence in the actual readings when this is happening.

Frustrating to have to purchase again but it sounds like getting a MIP series will be my only way out

Edit: Thanks Dietmar, I just saw your message after posting this. Much appreciated. If I do install a MIP series sensor I'll post the results after a month or two


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Perhaps a sensor not recommended for water, like the PX3, could still be used if separated from water by a capillary pipe, like the ones installed before manometers?


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Anyone knows where to get the latest version of the status monitor app?

edit: Nevermind it seems to be only downloadable from and there is no new version for me.


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> there is no new version for me

I expect a new app in about a month (for Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS X) . The plan is to allow users to place custom icons/commands around data plots.


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A polyamide PA12 / nylon bezel is now available for the 1.54" HXL OLED displays. This can be useful if no display cut-out is lasered. In this case the edges of an existing cut-out or the edges of a DIY cutout (Dremel + cutting wheel) have to be covered. The dimensions are 63x32mm. A cut-out of min. 52x23mm is required. The cut-out should not be larger than 58x25mm. Temperature resistant adhesive is pre-installed on the back.


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AFE16/24 analog frontend: Monitor temperature in portafilter

If you use ito and would like to monitor the temperature in the filter with a permanently installed thermocouple, here is a solution: The analog frontend AFE16/24, a 38x39mm add-on, allows the connection of Type K thermocouples:

Thermocouples are not the most accurate sensors but they are very fast. The finest versions (tip diameter <= 0.5mm) can measure changes in water temperature in fractions of a second. Installation example:

There is a longer thread about this installation in a German coffee forum.

The AFE16/24 component is connected to ito's AUX connector. A sensor already connected to AUX can be moved to the board's pass-through header and can continue to be used. But only one. The second channel at the AUX connector is occupied by the AFE16/24. The board contains a microcontroller and a 16bit analog-to-digital converter. The ADC provides a resolution of 0.012°C in the range -50 to 200°C with type K thermocouples. A 24bit converter is available on request; its effective/noise-free resolution reaches up to 20bit. The ADC is galvanically isolated from the rest of the board and therefore from ito's signal levels. This isolated design allows the use of non-isolated 'grounded' thermocouples with very short response times, e.g. RS Components part no. 443-7917, even if ito's ground GND should be connected to the ground of the measurement object, e.g. via a stainless steel pressure sensor.

The AFE16/24's microcontroller takes the measurements and converts them to the desired format. It can be flashed by the user via USB. The currently available AFE16/24 firmware from Software & Circuits evaluates type K thermocouples and sends the temperature to ito, using the TSic sensor protocol, i.e. 11bit with 0.1°C resolution. For firmware on ito, a thermocouple will appear as TSic sensor. Any firmware that supports such sensors, such as leva!, will then automatically support type K thermocouples. The temperature curve in the filter, if that should be the application, will appear live in the app, along with all other leva! measurement curves, such as boiler temperature, brewing pressure, weight, flow, etc.

The AFE16/24 can be ordered at ito production dates. In between, this component might sometimes also be available in the Software & Circuits spare parts store.


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> The leva! firmware for ito has gained support for the new Eureka Precisa Bluetooth scale

Speaking of the Eureka Precisa scale: Please be aware that there is now a version without Bluetooth available, sold under the same name - which of course cannot be connected to ito for gravimetric dosing. Before buying, ask the seller if the offered scale supports Bluetooth.


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