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I glued the sensor onto the bracket to test again. I unpeeled the paper on the rear to make a picture. There aren't visible contacts in there, but it is working correctly (I put the paper cover back to test with the tank).


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The leva! firmware from project caffe has recently gained these interesting features:
  • The firmware now remembers cups by their weight. You may associate specific doses and/or pressure profiles with your cups. If the firmware detects a known cup (on a wireless scale on the drip tray, under the portafilter), it will automatically activate the associated dose and/or pressure profile. That means you can automatically get the Cafè Crema amount dispensed if you use a larger Cafè Crema-style cup instead of an Espresso cup.
  • A brew ratio calculator makes it easier to choose the in/out amounts when configuring dosing.
  • Entire pressure profiles can now be scaled, for example from 9bar peak pressure to 8bar peak pressure, by changing a single value in the menu.
  • Pressure profiles can now be associated with doses. If you start a dose (Espresso, Lungo, Americano etc.), the correct pressure profile, or none, will automatically be selected.
  • Flow meter calibration got more comfortabe. A calibration program will do it for you if you have a connected wireless scale.


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I've just setup my Silvia with ITO/leva! (firmware 2.0), and it's looking good so far! I'm missing a bit of basic information, though around using the pressure profiles:
- if I've activated a profile, is it used for everything? So does "Dose espresso" use it?
- After setting a profile, I can't use the click of the encoder to start the program - if I set it to "PUMP", then nothing much happens when I click it (as expected), if I set it to "PUMP_PB" then it gives a config error "ERR:PUMP". Right now, I have to run it with the original pump/SNS switch.
- Is there somewhere where people have shared a collection of good profiles?



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> I've activated a profile, is it used for everything? So does "Dose espresso" use it?

In case of leva! 2.2 from Nov/22:
- The globally selected pressure profile is used for shots started with the designated brew button
- Each dose can have its own profile or disable profiling or use the globally selected profile
- The same goes for a cup but if a dose is associated with the cup, the dose overrides that.

> can't use the click of the encoder to start the program - if I set it to "PUMP", then nothing much happens

Start the program? Do you mean a shot with pressure profiling or a dose program? Anyway, the PUMP function is for switches with two stable positions (rocker switches). The encoder has a push button, so only the PUMP PB function may be assigned.

> then it gives a config error "ERR:PUMP".

Only one element (230V signal at SNS clamp, 5V switch at a contact input, paddle at ADC or encoder's push button) may control the pump. Otherwise the firmware wouldn't know if the pump should be on or off. It's not allowed, for example, to set the encoder click's function to PUMP PB and at the same time set the function of the SNS clamp to PUMP in the contacts menu.


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Thanks! All clear.

I was trying to use the SNS input and the encoder at the same time, which gave the error.


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Hi Dietmar,

I have a very strange problem with the pressure sensor. I currently use Honeywell PX3AN2BS200PSAAX. I have it installed September 2022 and worked as expected. Last month it started showing some drift of the base pressure. I noticed it when the pre-infusion stopped working. Starting pressure was more than the threshold. It looks like working, but slowly rising last 30 days the pressure it's already 4 bar with open steam valve. The correction that can be added in leva! is only -1.2bar and the drift is still going, so only partially useful.

I checked inside Silvia, and I don't see obvious problems. There are no leaks, no loose connectors. I reseat both ends - no change. I checked with portafilter pressure gauge - the OPV is still working on the same level. It's shows under 10bar, that is around the value of pressure tuning at 10.4bar. I'm using leva! v2.1 beta (b/c Eureka scale). Not sure if updating to v2.2beta will help.

Would you please help troubleshoot the problem?

Espresso shot

Backflush program

Espresso shot from October


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> looks like working, but

I have replied by e-mail. A forum is not the right place for individual issues with a failed component.


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To sum that up, avoid the Honeywell PX3 series. It turns out that series is not recommended by the manufacturer for water + steam. The similarly-priced Honeywell MIP series, on the other hand, should be fine (but I make no warranty or guarantee regarding the suitability of the product, as I have not tried it myself). It's NSF-certified and it's compatible with steam and beverages. It offers better accuracy at high temperatures and faster response times than the PX3 series. I believe the Honeywell MIPAN2XX250PSAAX with 250PSI/17,2bar measurement range would be the ideal variant because it has NPT 1/8" threads and a Delphi Metripack 150 electrical connector - typical for sensors used with ito modules. Datasheet here. Price: Currently about 60$. Available at: ... rtname=HON ... a1LA%3D%3D.


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