Issue steaming milk with Oscar 2

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#1: Post by ahmad »

I have Issue with steaming the milk... when we start steaming the steam water is stop after 5 or 6 sec and we see only the air wet... The milk becomes hot without foam

I checked the water tank and found it full and everything is OK

This is a video link to understand more my issue

Please support me to solve this issue

ahmad (original poster)

#2: Post by ahmad (original poster) »

Any solutions ?

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#3: Post by coffeechan »


Are you using tap water, mineral water, etc? My first thought is perhaps there is a piece of scale inside the machine that is blocking the steam pressure. When was the last time you descaled the machine?


#4: Post by realdoctor »

If the Oscar two boiler set up is similar to the original Oscar, you might have an issue with warping of the plastic junction where the autofill sensor enters the boiler. The Elektros website has a good description of the problem and the fix in their tips on the original Oscar. This warping creates an effect very similar to a non-conductive autofill sensor and results in overfilling of the boiler. Check the boiler water level and see if it is overfilled. If so, move on to check for this issue.